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  1. @goldenbasketreef I do agree, Rudy. I don’t think it’s “necessary”. But as I plan on SPS, I like the idea of additional spread to combat shadowing. Might as well start the tank with the lighting will be in the tank long term and also help get more par down to the bottom of the tank.
  2. Thanks @SuncrestReef, that is awesome to know. And are you currently running two fixtures? I would most likely want to use a minimum of 3 fixtures going perpendicular to the peninsula. Also planning on dual T5 Blue+ on sides as well for a hybrid setup.
  3. Thanks for the info on here guys. Been thinking about lighting setup for my 120g (standard 4x2x2) as my AI hydra 52s have LEDs burning out. Could be cool to think through something different with lights. Other option was 4x XR15s. Has anyone tested the ReeFi par output on max?
  4. I have the Tunze 9001. Not as good as the 9004 but open for trades. DM if interested.
  5. @Mooseman_Sal How large of a carpet of GSP are you looking for? I’ll always vouch for the quality at The Reef Box in Vancouver as well ✊
  6. @Jeffster thanks. Sadly that will not fit tge tank I could use another stand for. Hope it goes to a good home.
  7. @Jeffster sorry for the long delay, haven’t been on for awhile. If this is still available, do you happen to know or can post the width of the stand under the cabinet? Want to be sure the sump I have will fit.
  8. ☝️ What’s the stand designed for?
  9. No worries! I will be there tomorrow!
  10. Brian, are you possibly doing a soft opening today? I’d love to stop by during lunch to check out the shop!
  11. Any chance you’re going to have any soft openings? ...Or need any last minute help with getting the shop ready? I live right down the street and always happy to help lift stuff, paint, etc. if you have need.
  12. Congrats! I have been waiting for a new reef shop in Vancouver for awhile now. And lucky for me the shop is right down the street from my house!...lucky and dangerous.
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