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  1. Hello, I was holding onto my equipment in the hopes of starting a tank again. Well it’s been a few years so I need to sell the stuff. I would like to sell everything as a package deal. $1,000.00 OBO Invision tank by James- 36”x24”x14” 5/8”thick. This is a beautiful rimless tank Geo Calcium reactor big Co2 tank don’t remember size with a AquariumPlants.com electronic Co2 regulator ATB skimmer needs new pump or at least a impeller for the pump not sure it’s been a long time. ATI 6 bulb light two Reefled light DIY led kits inland coral bandsaw 1/4 hp c
  2. This tank needs to be re sealed. This would not be hard to fix and have a nice tank. I just don't have the time or care to do it right now and it's taking up space in my house. All you need to do is re silicone the seam. It will come with the pump that came with it. Looking for $25.00 witch is less than just the pump would cost you. thanks, Kris
  3. It takes ten people to do a group buy. As of now I only have one person other thank I. I don't have an account on the other forum so I'll still do it if you message me on here.
  4. I would like to start a BRS Group Buy since I need to get a few things. If you would like to be in on this Group Buy send me your BRS Login email and Last Name trough a PM. I would like to start the group buy this week or next. So get me your info ASAP. It has been a while since I have been on the sight it looks a lot different!!! I'll make a list on this post once I have people's info.
  5. Ya way overpriced. I have also bought from him. I am in the same boat as you Brad I paid like 20.00 or 25 for a red mushroom. But like everyone has said nice guy.
  6. I am sorry it has taken me so long I keep forgetting. If its still availible I will take the Kent Scraper. Thanks
  7. No what I am saying is if you look at my picture its start was 11mm and end was 16mm for +5mm. I guess it was my bad I added the point(.) in my measurement sorry for the confusion on my part.
  8. Hay I had some growth it was .16mm not .11mm. Not that i was one with a bunch of growth but I did have some.
  9. First Picture Last Picture Sorry for the crappy picture again. I just cant seem to find time for much right now.So I got about .5 mm of growth in hight and a bunch of plating.
  10. Ok this is the worst picture ever but it will do for size. I will make sure the next months photo is not as bad and more like the first pic. 8/3/12 05/12 06/03/12 07/6/12
  11. Calcium Reactor pending. Some one buy my skimmer come on guys and gals.
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