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  1. Very nice setup and photos. They are awesome! I always thought that I deeply appreciated the beauty of my corals but obviously that beauty is much more intense up close. I love this site and the creative people on it because it really helps me open my eyes to new possibilities that I don’t even consider on my own. Thank you SuncrestReef for inspiring me.
  2. That’s a sweet setup. Now it makes sense to me why you sold your OEM sump with that cool chaeto setup. I hope you’ll give us updates over the next few months.
  3. Now that is a beautiful tank. I think I might need some lessons.
  4. Welcome to the group. I went to your website and really like it. Great job!
  5. Congratulations. That’s awesome!
  6. Are you using their wavemaker so only one pump operates at a time? I had 2 of these tanks as a quarantine tanks. If you try to run both powerheads at the same time your issue happens. The only other thing I can think of other than what was mentioned is any bio media (outside of the media basket) creating a flow blockage. If your tank is on the standard JBJ stand these are easy to move away from the wall so you can view it as it’s happening. Just drain 15 gallons and it’ll slide on most any surface. Then fill it and watch. I know it sounds risky but I’ve moved mine around without issue. That’s the easiest way to identify the cause if you have tried everything else.
  7. I can relate to that. I have several corals that I cannot name either.
  8. I agree with Lazyreefer. I just went to look at mine to compare them and they are very similar if not identical.
  9. Definitely a healthy looking fish. Although I haven’t been in a while, Wet Spot in Portland should have plenty of potential tank mates for Chungus. Good luck. Thanks for sharing!
  10. That video was very helpful to me so I can temper my expectations. Thanks for sharing it with us shaywood.
  11. Nice looking tank! It cleared up pretty quickly too. What lights are you running? They look awesome. Will your snails and blenny stay inside the tank or do you have a cover?
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