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  1. Everything sold, please close
  2. I have a few really cool pieces. I’ll try to post pics tomorrow.
  3. I have 2 skimmers SOLD vertex 180 SOLD vertex 150. SOLD 1 UV sterilizer Vecton 600 that was only used for 2 weeks, purchased at cuttlefish , it comes with a small pump. $100 SOLD SOLD 1 reef octopus varios 4 pump. Best offer or trade. 4 AI 26hd’s SOLD 2 recently serviced 150 ea OBO Sold 2 needs service 100 ea OBO 1 AI 26 recently serviced. Open to offers i have arms for 4 of the AI’s located in Damascus, OR
  4. I found the rest of the gyre today while unpacking. Hit me up when you are in the area
  5. Red Sea reefer 350 asking 800. Tank, stand, sump, and plumbing 2 BRS titanium heaters and ink bird controller (3 weeks old) 80.00 reef octopus 150 classic skimmer 100.00 Vertex Omega 180i with new pump 100.00 Mp40 200.00 Vecton UV with pump 100
  6. Trigg


    Thank you. That one is named Tina and she’s pretty friendly. I have 11 total
  7. Trigg


    Not sure why but I don’t have any pics on this phone. Here is a vid of my daughter snd the pond in the back ground IMG_3485.MOV
  8. How often do you change the rolls?
  9. Trigg


    Transferring in the cold messes up their hibernation. I had to transfer my koi in the middle of winter after an idiot drove through my house, unfortunately 1/2 didn’t make it. I ended up building a new pond that’s around 11,000 gallons
  10. Trigg


    If he can wait until spring I can find someone. Best not to move koi when the water temp is below 50
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