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  1. I have one of those I need to put up for sale as well. Honestly one of the best skimmers I've ever used.
  2. I can always count on you, buddy. It's pending sale off a different site.
  3. I'm in SW Portland and have been fine. Lot of snow but minimal ice. Drove into Lake O today and it's a disaster down there. Most of the city doesn't have power and there are trees and power lines everywhere. Crazy what 5-6 miles can do for a weather difference.
  4. To quote Ian Malcolm "Life finds a way." Some will play nice, others will kill each other, just depends on what gets put next to what. I always google it and see what the specific coral will live next to and what it won't live next to.
  5. I'd look for different rock. What you have is awesome base rock in a larger tank but fills up a small tank quickly. However, if only this is available I'd remove the far left and raise the middle rock. You'll have flow above and below. Something like that is my suggestion.
  6. The desire to fill a tank with too much rock is ever present. Remember you want flow to keep the tank healthy. That much rock will create dead spots for debris to accumulate and spike nutrient levels. Less is more with rock. If you remove some and think it feels empty you have the right amount. Keep in mind the tank will be full of coral at some point, let the coral fill the dead space.
  7. Tough crowd, how about $20? The rock itself is worth that.
  8. One sold, one left. Have a third that needs cleaning I'll throw in as well. It also has a controller and power supply. $40 for both.
  9. Let's say $70 for both? Both have power supplies and controllers.
  10. Probably about 60 heads, green zoas. Rock is about 12" by 10", it's an awesome piece but too large for my new tank. $40 or best offer or trade.
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