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  1. It's yours, I'm off Capital so you're close.
  2. $40 for all of it, tote and a couple other pumps included.
  3. It does not need to be submerged, I can provide a pump.
  4. Works, takes up space in my garage - $20
  5. I've had a pair of azure damsels for years and they've always been pretty chill with everybody. I added a small shoal of vanderbilt chromis this morning and the damsels suddenly think they own the whole tank. I moved some of the rock work around and turned off the lights but they're still chasing any of the new fish they see anywhere in the tank. My question is will they calm down in a day or two once they're accustomed to the new fish or if I will need to catch the damsels and remove them from the tank?
  6. You bought him? That was a seriously impressive fish.
  7. You have to see it in person. I was in there today and it's so pretty in person.
  8. In my defense they're from Ikea so they match the decor.
  9. I'm using two desk lamps with 5k flood lights so I can't have anything too crazy.
  10. Looking for the oldie but goodie. Not picky on color, good with a medium/large piece/colony.
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