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  1. I have 2 aquariums for sale. A 90 gallon drilled glass aquarium with overflow on left side of tank. It includes a truvu acrylic sump and a 607 gallon aquatop return pump. $400(don’t have a stand for tank) Also have a 30 gallon nano tank that comes with stand and return pump. $125 Both are in good working condition and recently were up and running as saltwater tanks. Located in Oregon City, PM me with any questions. Also have some live rock for sale, $2 a pound
  2. Hayes

    WTB small nem.

    I’m in Oregon City. I’m available tomorrow afternoon or Saturday afternoon or Sunday
  3. Hayes

    WTB small nem.

    I have small to medium size bubble tips for $25. They are nems in left corner. Larger nems are $40
  4. Hayes

    WTB small nem.

    I have some rainbow and rose bubble tip nems and a few rock flowers for sale.
  5. I’m located in Oregon City close Clackamas community college
  6. Yep I have 2 trachys red with purple mouth $125 green $40 a large rainbow welso $200 2 cyanarina red $250 gold with purple mouth $200 a scoly $125, 2 acanthophyllia, war paint $450 and green $100plus tons of other corals starting at $10 and up
  7. No wholesaler have just bought way to many corals over the years from CNC. Breaking down a tank to make room for acros so selling off most of my corals. Still plenty of spots open if you want to swing by.
  8. $60 and up corals include armor of gods zoas, pink diamonds zoas, everlasting pink gobstopper zoas, hammer, frogspawns, Welso, trachy, elegance corals, scoly, torches, jawbreaker mushroom, a few different bounce mushrooms and more
  9. $40 corals include forest fire digi, fhc equilibrium, green slimmer, jack o lantern lepto, toxic green trumpet corals, hammers, frogspawn, favias, orange Yuma’s, mushrooms, rastas, Sunny d, pink zippers, chalices
  10. $20 frags include candy apple zoas, pink zippers, armor of gods zoa, pink lemonade acro, green fuzzy acros, Superman monti, Monti spongoids, hammers, acans, green sinulara trees, corks gorgonias and more
  11. $10 frags include wwc blueberry fields, tyree blue tip stag, fhc lemon lime time tort, green hairy acro, candy cane, 3 different types of hammer frags, green mushrooms, green toadstools, bubblegum digi, forest fire digi, birds of Paradise, JF Anacropora and more
  12. Closing down a tank and have to make room in Frag tanks. All frags are buy 2 get 1 free. Buy 2 $10 frags get a $10 frag free. Buy 2 $20 frags get a $20 free. Buy 2 $40 dollar corals get a $20 and $10 Frag free. Buy 2 $60 and up corals get a $40 coral free. Reserving spots Thursday, Friday and Saturday 12-7pm, and Sunday from 12-2, please PM me to reserve an hour and for address. Over 200 $10 frags, 100 $20 frags, 100 $40 corals, 70 corals of $60 or more. Located in Oregon City.
  13. Available all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Just pm me for a time you would like come by
  14. large nems (4 to 5 inches) $50 medium nems (3+ inches) $35 tiny nems $15 1 large black widow nem 6+ inches $125 (sold)
  15. Gatorade’s was $75 now $603 pink zippers was $75 now $60 eachutter chaos was $50 now $40fire and ice was $50 now $40rainbow infusions was $100 now $75still have lots of $10 frags available
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