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  1. Aqua fx rodi and nano tank sold
  2. Price drop on nano tank. Tank and stand for $50
  3. Still have some equipment for sale
  4. Equipment for sale. Frag tank stand and 4 lights ( 2 black boxes and 2 ocean revive lights) 97 inches by 21 inches by 36 inches $150 2 rodi water systems (1 is a Triton and other is aqua fx) $40 each( aquafx sold) kessil 150 watt ocean blue light $50 (sold) 29 gallon nano tank with return pump $80 (sold) located in Oregon City, PM me with any questions Thanks, Hayes
  5. All corals are gone. Thanks to everyone who has ever gotten any corals from me. I hope they all thrive and grow beach in your tanks. Mods please close
  6. All gone. Please close thanks
  7. Price drop to $250. Need this gone. Sump cost $250 itself and return pump was $300
  8. Title says it all, 3 free 40 gallon breeder tanks. They are all drilled in back and painted blue in back and sides, would make good sumps. Going in trash next week if no one wants them. Located in Oregon City. Thanks, Hayes
  9. Finally convinced wife it’s time to move back to Alabama. Going to be in Huntsville, close to Nashville and a few hours from Florida. So hoping to get to go to some of the big reefing expo they have in the south.
  10. Hi guys, I’ve had lots of interest. Saturday is full but plenty of spots available Sunday
  11. green toadstool with purple favia $20multicolored tip double head torches $100 each (sold)
  12. Zoa frags $5green sinulara trees $10green toadstools $5zoa frags $5huge green favia brain $40purple and gold wall hammer$40
  13. Moving cross county in a few months and have to sell all corals I have left in Frag tanks. Corals will be super cheap, frags from $5 to $20 (acros, zoas, Lps) also have some Lps colonies for sale for cheap also. I will take appointments for this Saturday and Sunday the 12th and 13th from 12-6 both days. Located in Oregon City Thanks, Hayesmulti head hammer colonies $15 eachcandy cane frags $5 eachblue encrusting coral $15huge Duncan colony $25favia$10 acros $5 to $20
  14. Frag tank setup still available
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