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  1. I have a bunch of $10 frags of zoas. You are welcome to come check them out. I’m in Oregon City
  2. Tank sold. Plenty of live rock available
  3. Just took down one of my 90 gallon tanks. Tank is not drilled, has a nice wood stand asking $150 for tank. (Tank sold)Also selling a bunch of live rock from tank. Rock is cycled and free of pest, asking $2 a pound. There are lots of big rocks good for bases. Local pickup only. Located in Oregon City.
  4. I’ve caught a bunch of fish with a mason jar and rubber banding a clear ziplock bag over top with corner cut out. Put some food in jar and wait, do it like a funnel with cut corner going inside jar. They will swim in and normally have trouble getting out so it gives you time to grab them out.
  5. Would love a mini red carpet nem. 1 sold if you still have any Available.
  6. Thanks Manny. Hopefully with winds dying down and changing direction OC will not be affected. Problem is which piece do you want to save more than others. Fish I’ve had for 4+ years, I don’t want to lose any pieces. But if I try and save a piece or 2 and lose everything else I wouldn’t have anywhere to put pieces I saved. Thanks, just hopeful fires get under control.
  7. Wish I would have thought of that. Probably have too much to move anyway. We are level 2 in OC. Hoping I don’t have to leave. Have backup batteries for my mp40s, a generator and battery powered air pump. All I can do is Hope I guess.
  8. Absolutely! Thanks for coming by
  9. Still a few spots available each day
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