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  1. I use dollar store glue and bsi. For accelerator I make diy kalk water and put it in a spray bottle. I have an aqua saw your welcome to come by and use . I live in Multnomah village.
  2. Pm sent. My buddy would love it!
  3. Congrats on the anniversary!!! You guys run a good place. Looks like I'm spending my half of the mortgage and Christmas gifts money on coral this year. Tell the significant other that a coral gift is better than a new vacuum?
  4. If he likes it even more.... I'm scared of the next one he creates. It's going to be a pornhub link next time.
  5. Looks awesome! Hate to say it, cuz once you see it you can't unsee it... The blue looks like the full body profile of a naked man
  6. Dr. Dendrostein on reef2reef has 60 of them in his tank. From what I've read, the most difficult part is providing enough food to keep them from starving. My setup is 150g DT with 40g sump/refugium. I threw one of the 8 into my frag tank and it's doing fine. So Im going to feed heavy and see how it works out. They might be more effective than a skimmer? Certainly cheaper, 13 bucks for a dozen. It's been almost 2 days and they are all still alive.
  7. The Pacific oyster, Japanese oyster, or Miyagi oyster, is an oyster native to the Pacific coast of Asia. It has become an introduced species in North America, Australia, Europe, and New Zealand. Wikipedia
  8. Bought a dozen Pacific oysters from Uwajimiya, ate 4 of them and the rest went in the refugium after a slow acclimation. Bad idea?
  9. dunpeal

    Jimbo Mojo!

    Really pretty and looks like it has an interesting growth pattern
  10. What Bill said. My system is similar to suncrests but with anion and cation split. If you're I'm Portland having dual membranes I feel is worth is for the water bill. You can get a solinoid and power supply, soldered it up and stick it on a timer for every other day or whatever works best on your system. Can also just buy one too. Just try to make the filter cycle a long one to reduce di reason use.
  11. Try and iodine dip and sit in low light? Not sure it's the best advice, but it's what I would do.
  12. I have the saw I'm pimping out. I live near Gabriel park, sw 46th. Send me a PM. You can roll by and we'll saw some things up, trade and what not. Maybe have a beer, who knows?!?!😉
  13. Welcome. Cool looking tank you got going there!
  14. I've been eyeing getting one. Been comparing that to getting a reefpi setup. I used to enjoy tinkering around with circuit building and computers but not much anymore. The interface and ease/speed of setup with the hydros would be worth it to me.. even if it's likely a re-skinned raspberry pi.
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