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  1. @jtichenor Firstly, having lines get plugged then not pumping or worse.... Comes disconnected and pumps all over your sump area. Cleaning up alk solution isn't fun. Secondly, mixing, observing, and maintaining solution levels in the containers. Thirdly, the space it takes up in the sump area. Fourthly, needing to source de-icer and store it somewhere so the extra doesn't decicate the air and get wet. Leaking magnesium slurry isn't fun to clean up either. Fifthly, was fiddling with three dosing pumps independently to get your levels right. A calcium reactor does it all by simply changing drip r
  2. I've done dosing and hated it. Currently I have my frag tank on an aquamaxx calcium reactor and my main tank is on an avast marine kalk reactor. I'd check an online calculator, but half a gallon of saturated kalk solution raises a 55g tank 1 dkh. You might not have that much evaporation, and I dunno your tank size. Probably wanna go with a calcium reactor, if you don't have much evaporation.
  3. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M12HGKL?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  4. I have two of the rechargeable air pumps that people use for live bait and to keep bass alive after catching them. They can also be powered/recharged from a wall outlet or USB. They are like 15 bucks on eBay or Amazon. I also have two Wen generators from Lowe's if it's going to be a long outage.
  5. Looking cool. You got the aqua scaping down! Me and a buddy always joked about doing a 10 gallon display that was plumbed to a fish room with every tool imaginable. We're talking, 4 protein skimmers, 9 apex systems, 7 refugiums, et cetera... Then when someone came by your house and said "I heard saltwater is more work than freshwater." You then show them fish room of what is involved and say "Nay, it's not that hard really."
  6. I have a golden eye that could be ready to cut a small peice from and a dragon ball z that needs some more time.
  7. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07M9QNS3L?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  8. @Emerald525This is my new lighting mount idea on the new frag tank. Kinda love it!! 💯 They are mounts for a projector that can be used from the ceiling or wall.
  9. Tank and stand $100 my former frag tank I broke down this morning. It'll be clean and ready to go. Can throw in the tv mount I used for a hydra 32. I'm certain it could work for other lights too. The return pump is a maxijet 600 and only a couple months old. Also, if your interested I have a bunch of nice rock soaking in phophate remover right now. Derek 5033435825 I live 5 mins from Cuttlefish. I've been vaccinated btw.
  10. Makes sense to me. I haven't used one of those yet, but have been interested in them.
  11. Same as Dave said. Want mine? I never use it
  12. Use the 2 existing holes as drains and drill the back wall for a bulkhead with loc line
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