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  1. Here are some photos as promised. $200 for the tank to get it moved.
  2. Hello - It is the 50.3 AIO on there. 35.4"×19.7"×17.7" It has the same foot print as a 40 breeder.
  3. I hope for your sake you find a buyer that will swoop in for all of it! If you do end up parting it out I would be interested in the Apex BRS, the skimmer, and trident.
  4. I have a waterbox 50 for sale. It can come with a metal stand (not a waterbox stand). It has a small chips on one corner but the glass is in otherwise great condition. Happy to fill it for you to see in operation. Thinking $250 for tank only. The stand was $80 so maybe $50 for the stand? I’ll post pics soon.
  5. Would love to see some photos of anything left!
  6. Thanks for that, yes too small
  7. Amazing deal on the tank / overflow! I just paid $150 for a Fiji cube overflow and 40 breeder new, and the shadow is much nicer. What size is it? Maybe I should upgrade also might be interested in the light. btw I’m the guy who bought your fish from Craigslist, didn’t realize it was cross posted here
  8. Oh and where are you located?
  9. Hmm I have a 525XL and thought this would be a tad too small but maybe with the pump upgrade it would be perfect for a slightly overstocked 525?
  10. Heya - I would take the little colony - I'm around Hillsdale area.
  11. This was bought new in 2020 for 24V pumps. I bought a generator after the last storm and don’t need this anymore. Asking $100 or trade. I’m near Jeff.
  12. It’s the expensive cables that were always laughable, and especially more so for digital signals now days, that I would chuckle at. With that being said, I did go through some headache trying to get an HDMI signal twitch both both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos at 4K >30hz, but that’s a different story.
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