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  1. I have a 3ft tank and would love to see Par results to see how this compares to my Radion XR30 non-pro gen 3.
  2. I have a small bit you can have to start something larger. Golf ball size. I’m close to downtown near Moda center
  3. R.I.P. Will keep a close eye on the other fish. Perhaps it was Brooklynella since only the clowns seem affected so far....
  4. If anyone is close to downtown and wants to take in a clown from an abusive tank mate please PM me.
  5. Thanks monkeyboy, I'll research. He's hiding now, not looking good but I did snap this pic. His caudal fin looks eaten up - perhaps my coral beauty is beating him up? He chases him a little but nothing that looked serious that I have observed. Can't upload the image, weird
  6. So one of my clowns passed a week ago. It was exhibiting similar behavior the remaining clown appears to be starting. Before the lights come on, he is not swimming strongly and is not in his usual spot in the tank. He will stop moving his fins altogether and then start to list sideways motionless until he gets almost fully sideways or the current carries him and then resumes swimming again. At first I put this off to odd behavior or spawning when there was the pair but this is what the other one did before I found it stuck on my overflow too weak to swim then perished a few minutes after I rec
  7. I forget what this stuff is called the center piece was purchased from C&C for about $45-60 can’t recall. If I got $50 for all three that would make me happy. Note the tennis ball for scale.
  8. Here you go. It’s an innovative marine aqua gadget 7505
  9. This tank is just over one year old. Includes the cabinet and screen top. Great condition, only one small scratch noted in the glass less than 1/2in long. Has the AI Prime HD light. You can take the black sand and rock if you like. Includes the flipper magnet too! $400. Extras: Nuvo 5gal ato resevoir. $60. actnic UV blue reef Led bar $40
  10. Which are these? They look purple under the blues...
  11. I could use some purple in my zoa garden. Which are the ones that are mostly purple, and then the ones with the purple center and yellow around that then orange at the outer edge?
  12. So I've lost 4-5 frags over the past 6 months of a newly established tank (~10 months old). I realize that alone is enough to write off as the cause of my RTN, but.... I have a theory as to why. I dose carbon with Red Sea Na-PO-X via my top off water. I dose aminos with Red Sea Reef Energy A & B My tank parameters are pretty stable. Nitrate is 1-2ppm Phos 0.01-0.03 SG 1.024 Alk 9.0 (I have a KH Guardian) Ca 400 and MG 1350. Weekly 10% water changes. But I find anytime I overdose carbon (via top off, sometimes Tunze osmolator stalls out I reset it. Or I turn up the speed on m
  13. Hiya Gumby - if you have any of the (tubbs stellata)(jimbo mojo)(pink lemonade)(shocker)(rainbow in spain) left over or other cool acros let me know
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