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  1. Hah, I assume you were nudging me 🙂 So I have my reefer 525 setup at the new house, but it came with a skimmer, albeit a pretty basic one. The pump has is super loud so I just ordered a new impeller. If that doesn't fix the vibration issue, I just might take you up on this.
  2. Nice shots! By the way, thanks for the tip on yellow tangs. I think your post was deleted, but I ordered two that day. Now they are twice the price at $200.
  3. Will have the livestock out in about a week. it’s in great condition. There is one small (and shallow) 1/2in scratch in the glass on the front pane that is hardly visible when filled. It is hardly noticeable from standing height, you have to get down lower and look upwards and look for it to see it. I never noticed it, then one day I found it and was a little disappointed, but never noticed it again and haven’t thought about it since. There could be some smaller ones at sand bed level but I haven’t removed the sand yet to check. Asking price will be $350
  4. Oh hey, I think I'd like this 🙂 I could meet at C&C this weekend.
  5. At this rate you’ll be able to quit your day job soon. My new tank is cycling. I’ll be interested in a clone in another month or two.
  6. If you’re in Inner NE or Inner SW I can coordinate drop off. My new place is close to cuttlefish. 503-729-8426
  7. my wrasse has been staying under the sand bed too much. Finally emerged today and looking stressed - not swimming much and pale. I’m in the middle of a move and my new tank is not ready yet. Anyone want to try to save him? Need to have a sand bed clearly.
  8. I think I saw those, temping by the wife has required I got with a cleaner look for the living room 😅
  9. Liveaquaria has these cheap. Can’t find the XR30 G4’s mounts to save my life though
  10. Well since my last WTB post formed two Lights out of the ether (and that I missed!) - anyone have an apex they are looking to sell? Would prefer an EL model.
  11. Well, bump I guess. 🤓 I also need an RMS for the XR30
  12. Where did you get that cool acrylic cover if you don't mind me asking! I'd love to get one of those for my new tank
  13. Picking up a 60in tank tomorrow and need some upgraded lighting. Trying to match an existing XR30 I have
  14. Nice! Wish I pre-ordered three, looks like the discount is over.
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