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50g low boy and 150g display $20

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Both tanks have a 40g sump, ai hydra 32 lights, drilled with noiseless overlows, ato, skimmer, and a calcium reactor. 


150g is tore down and I'm cleaning it up. Frag tank is up and running.


48" Hybrid T5HO 4x54W Fixture - Aquatic Life

100 lbs of pukani rock pulled from 150g. Can't get pukani anymore.


Frag tank sump is packed with rock.

1 desjardini sailing, 1 file fish, 1 clown.


150g ato is also an auto water changer


150g skimmer is a bubble magus with self cleaning head


Have 2 boxes of 200g salt mix

Two rodi setups

One rodi booster pump and solenoid

Tons of misc items.

Very flexible on price. Best to come check it all out. We live in SW Portland near Gabriel Park.








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Just in case..


Few more pics and a list of SOME of the coral existing in the frag tank. Really just the zoas in the list are in the frag tank of the list. Not all but some/most.


From Damian (wtfcoral.com)

Wwc butt kisser

Rainbow incinerator

Rainbow infusion

Utter chaos

Miami hurricane chalice

Blue eyed [language filter]

Pink zippers

Blue hornets

Fire and ice

Gorilla nipples


Hyper jubilee

Jack o lantern lepto

Alpha and omega zoas


From Cuttlefish

Likely... Cherry blasto

Jason fox devil's brew or contract killer

Candy apple

Rainbow hornets



From Geoff in mcminnville

Jay fairy tails

Darth maul

Mind blown palys


Sunny d




From Saltyunderground.com

Halle Berry 

Spicy Lemon Favia

Cyphastrea Party Crasher 

LA Lakers Zoa

Fascination Favia 

Hawaiian Ding Dang 

Bright Meteor Shower Cyphastrea 

Smurf Cyphastrea


From Holly

Pro Corals Rainbow acro

Reef Ready Grape Juice acro

Jason Fox Lunar lepto

Jawbreaker mushroom

Mystic sunset Monti

Bam bam zoas?


Jf halo Monti? Montipora cebuensis

Rainbow stylo? Tyree Rainbow?

Seasons greetings Monti

Orange lepto

Toxic slimer acro?

Fruit loops

Really hairy mushrooms



From reefrun

RR Pink Cadillac

JF fox flame


From Jordan

Oregon tort

Asd acid trip

Walt Disney

Vivid rainbow


JF steel blue stag


Red planet, more of an emerald morph








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