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Hi, my name is Jim. I am new to this Website but have been a member for just over a year. I have been in the hobby for about 9 years. I started with fish only & within the last 4 years started with a reef tank. I enjoy my reef tank it is like underwater gardening but unfortunately it doesn't get me out of my outside garden duties. These are some pictures of my 200 gallon tank. I hope you enjoy.






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I do not have alot fish.


3 Chromis

4 assorted Damsels

Kole (yellow eye) Tang

Foxface Rabbitfish

Coral Beauty

2 Clownfish

Sunburst Anthias

That is it

Slowly I will like to work in a few other fish like:

Powder Brown Tang

Bicolor Blenny

5 or 6 more Chromis (to make a small school)

Mandarin Goby (once my refugium is well stocked with pods)

Wrasse (haven't decided which one)

Maybe another type of Athias of some sort

Maybe a Blue Regal Tang at the last

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Welcome Jim!

We would like to see more pictures of that great looking tank! Try posting some pics using Photobucket. http://photobucket.com/


If you would like to receive Evites and would be on our mailing list, please PM your username and email address to me so you can receive notifications of upcoming PNWMAS Meetings and Events.

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