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Getting back in!!!


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Hey all,


I used to be bubbarockies on this forum 3-4 years ago when I moved out to Oregon, but I had to get out of the hobby for awhile. My in-laws just moved out and I now have the time and space for a tank again.


I'm originally from Colorado and moved up here for work. I've had a 40 breeder zoa garden, a 75 mixed reef, and a 160 gallon mixed reef.


I'm very eager to get rolling on a build but am not 100% on my approach yet. The current tank to beat is the Waterbox Frag 105.4. I'm definitely going to swing by Cuttlefish before I do anything, but I'm curious if any of you have opinions on Waterbox Aquariums.


I look forward to meeting all of you, and thank you in advance for the help!




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20 hours ago, bboileau92 said:

Thanks. Back before I got out, i REALLY wanted a red sea, but I'm really drawn to the shallow tank from Waterbox right now.

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If i may suggest check out Neptuniancubeusa.com

These tanks are pretty nice with some features over what you will find on their competitors.  The sumps are amazing and match the looks of their tanks. There is NO WOOD in these stands. Furniture grade pvc panels and channel aluminum.  Their Lagoon Series drops the 2nd week in August. All the other tanks i have in shop to look at.






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So after quite a bit of research, I'm going to go with the Neptunian Cube M-150. Ultimately, they had a 5 foot option that wasn't too tall and the sump is just plain sweet. It looks nicer and they place the return chamber better allowing for a dedicated refugium space.

I'm so stoked!

This is going to test my patience though. It could be a month before I get the tank in. I keep telling myself not to be in a hurry, but instant gratification is real, and I already cleared out the spot.

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