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  1. Will you please put me down for 2 Nero 5, 2 Nero 3, 2 gyre, 3 koralia, 2 mp10, and 2 mp40?
  2. Please put my two member tickets towards the generator.
  3. I do not have the display module. I'll try to access the classic dashboard when I get home tonight. The status light was solid green.
  4. Hey all, I'm looking for some assistance on how to get my Apex classic working. Here's a screen shot of what I'm seeing. I can't control anything with the sliders either. I'll switch my light to off in the app, which should already be off according to the set times, but the light stays on. Luckily, this will keep my heater and pump running, but right now I just have an expensive power strip. I tried power cycling it by unplugging the eb8 from the wall for a couple minutes. When I plugged it back in, fusion is now telling me that my Apex is disconnected, but all outlets are s
  5. It's a red sea 525 xl. If you can dig it out, I'd definitely be interested.
  6. It's a red sea 525 xl. If you can dig it out, I'd definitely be interested.
  7. I would like to buy a carbon reactor. Does anyone have one laying around I can take off your hands? With or without pump included is fine.
  8. The video caused the live rock rubble to sell out. I was waiting for UPS to get their act together to order and now they're sold out! On one hand, congratulations! On the other hand, any idea when you'll have another batch of rubble ready for sale?
  9. Can you video your tank and post it? I'm a sucker for flowy corals.
  10. 1 member ticket to paradise corals please
  11. I did start dry. I'm using blue iquatics. No carbon dosing source. Rather than getting an airstone, I think I'll probably just open the plug on the skimmer cup. Any reason not to do that? Is there anything to be done about the bloom?
  12. Hey everyone, I have a red sea 525 xl that has been up since October. I've been slowly adding fish and am up to 2 clowns, a blue tang, a purple tang, solar wrasse, and 2 firefish. I run a skimmer 12 hours a day and a carbon reactor that I replace rox media on once a month. I have no measurable Nitrate via Nyos kit, and no measurable phosphate via hanna ulr checker. I get a bit of algae on the glass and a bit on the sand, but this is the most minor ugly phase I've had aside from the bacterial blooms. They go in and out but the water never gets completely clear. When I feed le
  13. Well that leads me to another question... Should I assume that I'll be getting another $1400 stimulus and pre-spend that as well?
  14. So I have never actually done a YouTube live sale... How does this work?
  15. Seriously. Jim personifies successful reef keeping IMO. Huge, fat, happy fish. Beautiful healthy coral colonies. On top of that, he wants to share that with this community. Keep up the good work!
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