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WTB: Live or dry rock - see details


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I'm looking to create a true refugium with rock/rubble/etc. A copepods haven. I need some good golf ball to football sized chunks. Good real rock is what I'm after. Nothing manufactured or subterranean mined (Florida reef rock).


All rock I get will spend a short sabbatical in a dark brute can for a few months to get rid of any fish diseases, and perhaps some special care to remove any bryopsis or anything like that... So, if you have aiptasia coated rocks that you left for dead, I'll take them as long as the bones are good.


Hit me up. I'm in Far SW Portland/Tigard.



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I highly recommend soaking any rock you get  in sodium hydroxide solution (unless you reallllly want to keep some rock alive, thought you can bet you’d get the same bacteria again through your macroalgae and pods). Pretty sure you can find a good ration to use online but it wouldn’t be capable of causing damage to the rock, while completely removing all deposited organics, leftover algae, and deposited phosphates. Doing an even better job than bleach could, while leaving no residue like bleach. I buy Essential Depot lye/sodium hydroxide off of Amazon. It works like a charm. Also useful for some other things in the hobby. Just be careful not to get it on your hands and you’ll be golden. Also soak it in some water, rodi water preferably, afterwards to get all the residue and remaining unreacted sodium hydroxide off, and you’ll have the cleanest dry rock you possibly can with no real effort involved besides pulling on gloves, mixing the solution, and putting the rocks in. 

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Shameless hijack!

After Micah gets his rocks, I'm also in the market for real dry rock (exactly like he said -- nothing mined or manmade). The rock in this thread looks great, you guys have been hoarding some treasures in your garages. 

Prefer to avoid PDX area at all costs, please PM me if anyone has some real rock they're willing to ship (flat rate is cheap)

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@talkalot82 that looks great, thank you! PMd

@Bicyclebill, I'm not afraid of a little algae, I'll take yours too when its available. Thanks!

(oh yeah, and everybody sell rocks to Micah first, his thread, I'm just hijacking)

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I'm going to have about 70 lbs of green turf algae infested live rock available in a couple weeks when I tear my system down and restart with bigger tank. I'm guessing 2-3 months in the dark with vibrant dosing would make it quite nice again.
Green turf algae is no match for hydrogen peroxide or bleach... ;) Ill gladly take it off your hands and "process" it for future use. It's the perfect weather to have a brute can full of bleach in my driveway. Hahaha.
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