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  1. Sounds like the right pump is pushing a lot more water than the left one. Things to check: Are they oriented exactly the same? If the inlet is stuck against a wall it would cause limited flow. Also check to see if there’s something physically stuck in the inlet (algae, snail, etc) As far as water level is concerned, adding water should technically only change the level in the rear chamber where the pumps are. If the display area is getting too high, then your overflow can’t handle the flow rate of the pumps. Make sure your overflow “teeth” are completely clear/clean. If they are, you’ll have to either find a way to restrict the pump flow (defeats the purpose of upgrading the flow), or cut out some of the “teeth” on the overflow.
  2. Have an anemone that decided to go for a trip. Hanging out at the top of the tank. Natural split. $10. Second pic is it’s siblings as a color reference.
  3. Sorry, just looking to offload this locally
  4. Got this as part of a used setup a few years ago. All the leds work, but looks like some are burned. Figured I’d throw it on here before tossing it.
  5. Free to anyone that wants to pick it up. Going in the dumpster tonight
  6. I have a 30gal garbage can full of dry rock. Several larger pieces. Would like this gone sooner than later. Asking $60. Located in Tigard.
  7. It’s the same guy looking for aiptasia 😅
  8. Price dropped to $100. Would be an amazing addition to a large fowlr tank
  9. Price dropped to $200. Definitely not reefsafe. Started munching on my hammers. If the price is out of line please let me know. From the little information I could find, they were going for around $300 and are no longer available due to a ban in the Solomon Islands where they are found.
  10. Selling for a friend. Beautiful solid black. It’s about 6”. He’s had it for a couple years. Asking $200obo
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