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  1. I do 10 to 20 gallon tanks. Bare bottom..aqua clear filter. And put in some clay pots for hiding and a heater. Treat with appropriate medication for sickness.
  2. Hubbies boss bought me a diy lid for my red sea 350 to try out to see if he wants to sell in his store or not. Wish me luck figuring out how to put it together.
  3. I stayed about 82 on the hotest day. In my garage. No air conditioning. My other tanks went to 86 my except my big display. It has a giant chiller on it. So it stayed at usual 80 like normal.
  4. I was recently given to Cool works ice probes. Normally I have my big tank running on a big chiller. So I've never used ice probe before. Or seen anyone else with one. here's what I think. One of them had a bad power supply so I had to order a power supply. When I shook the power supply not the cord but the power supply it turned on and off. I'm not impressed that the power supply is 50 some bucks which is half the price of buying a new unit. But I did it anyway. The reason I went ahead and did it is because one it's working it's working really well. When we had 90 some degree weather. My tank stayed at 79. I put it on my husband's lagoon 25 gallon one of them. And the other one on my 10 gallon baby clownfish tank. I will have pictures below. The units don't have controllers to them so they would constantly run but I have an ink bird controllers on all my tanks so I just went ahead and plugged it into that and it's a plug and play. So it turns on when needed. They make almost no noise just the fan going. I went ahead and installed mine into the egg crate on top of my aquarium instead of drilling my aquariums because they're already running. And I didn't want to waste room in my filters. This actually worked really well. In my one the egg crate is in my overflow. It seems to drop both my tanks down equally about a couple degrees. I'm sure it could drop them more, but my controller turns them off by then. It's not as fast as my chiller would be at dropping down but I have that adjusted in my controller so it turns on sooner. I do like the fact that it's energy efficient a lot cheaper to run than my chillers and my other tanks. I don't have to add ice bottles Everytime my controller alarm goes off. Mind you that's slot. My tanks are all in the garage. All in all it was a gift given to me. And I know they're a little over $100 each normally at the store so I'm very happy. I await 105° temperature this weekend. I'd give them for price and smaller tank size usage a 5*
  5. Well it's been 9 weeks that my tank stayed fishless due to to ich outbreak. Today was the day they went back home ich free. I Was lucky only list my angel. But I still worry they will get it again when I put them back. Even after 9 weeks. Soooo nervous. So please wish me luck
  6. You can get a box of salt from Amazon for 59.00 with prime. Will do 200 gallons of water. I'm not by you but I hope you get help. It's not as hard as all that. You can do it. We were all starting out some time.
  7. Just wanted to show off my new beautiful corals
  8. It's nice to get someone new not up in Portland.
  9. What species of clown


    1. Tim Mastin

      Tim Mastin

      Sorry oso or perks.

    2. Tim Mastin

      Tim Mastin

      Medium not small had bad luck with the littme ones.

  10. I'm in for aumor of god. Message me address
  11. I am looking for corals and frags in eugene, springfield or surrounding withing 30 miles. I just set up a 10 gallon nano reef.
  12. She didn't make it
  13. After a two week qt with copper all my ich is gone. I had all my fish pulled in four 10 gallon tanks in copper. They are out of their tank for 8 weeks. So in the qt tank my tang attacked my lemon peel angel.now she has Popeye and missing a fin. So I bought another tank. So 5 tanks now. And she's on antibiotics now. Wish her luck.
  14. If you still have the god zoathid I'd take them. I'm in springfield

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      are you still interested in the Armor of god zoas?

      The previous buyer did not show up, nor is he answering messages.


    3. talkalot82
    4. talkalot82


      What's ur address

  15. I run relassy lights off of amazon. I just love them. and I have a rather deep tank. I have ran them for about two years now. no issues they run about $100 new.
  16. Worse thing happened. In my display tank I had an ich outbreak. Had to catch all my fishes. Powder brown tang, and lemon peel had it. All others show no signs but got pulled as well. All in ch. Copper. Wish them luck. They are out for 6 weeks. I did catch it early. But am nervous. I'm worried my tang won't like the copper. I set up 3 qt tanks. One for sick showing fish. One for showing no signs fish, and one for my sump fish. But all choppered. I'm nuking this. .5
  17. Yes this will be my second breeding pair
  18. My new breeding pair. They should make some beautiful gladators
  19. My tanks too deep though. So had to raise some rocks. No sand for them yet.
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