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New Member Map feature


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Hello fellow PNWMAS members,

Just a quick note to introduce a new feature on the site - the Member Map - which shows up as a tab in the main navigation.  Many of you have expressed an interest in knowing where your fellow reefing aficionados were located in the great Pacific NorthWest and this plugin will allow us to begin to do that.  The map is "opt in" so will only show location information for those that decide to enter their data (it does not pull from member profiles).  It is also designed to be as specific (or non-specific) as you want so you can enter your information by actual address, zip code only, etc., depending on your comfort level with sharing.  There will only be a few member locations visible to start (basically the officers, BOD and admins who tested it out) but as more people opt in we hope this will become a useful tool for the community.  When you have a moment we encourage you to check it out and see what you think.

Note that as of 2/22/19 this is only visible to members.  Enjoy!

Addendum:  We have added an LFS group to the map and you can choose to look at them separately from the members if you want to see where the nearest store might be.  Hope it's useful.

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52 minutes ago, Derbird said:

It said I don't have access and I am a paid member.  Just an FYI


35 minutes ago, SuncrestReef said:

FYI: here’s the error message we see



52 minutes ago, Derbird said:

It said I don't have access and I am a paid member.  Just an FYI

Ok give it a shot again guys.  So many places to configure the permissions, I **think** we are good to go now.


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On 2/22/2019 at 7:43 PM, TheClark said:

Np!  Warning... its kind of a pain.  You need the lat/long to enter one.  I did TPA as a test, randomly selected!  Board members have access to add the rest.

Since I had some spare time, I put together a list of some Portland-area LFS with GPS coordinates you Board members can add to the map:

Cuttlefish and Corals
6363 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97239
N 45° 27’ 29.863’’   W 122° 43’ 8.452’’

All Things Aquarium
30789 SW Boones Ferry Rd k, Wilsonville, OR 97070
N 45° 17’ 50.105’’   W 122° 46’ 28.825”

Paradise Coral
229 E Main St, Hillsboro, OR 97123
N 45° 31’ 11.722’’   W 122° 56’ 10.982”

Woody's Seahorse Aquarium & Supply
106 NE Russet St, Portland, OR 97211
N 45° 34’ 40.321’’   W 122° 39’ 53.776”

Caye's Aquarium
13730 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97236
N 45° 30’ 14.432’’   W 122° 31’ 20.201”

CB'S Tropical Aquarium
3 NE 181st Ave, Portland, OR 97230
N 45° 31’ 19.265’’   W 122° 28’ 37.876”

World of Wet Pets
8542 SW Apple Way, Portland, OR 97225
N 45° 29’ 8.74’’   W 122° 45’ 50.918”


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