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  1. You should be just fine with using the good old arm and hammer stuff, I've been using it for 5 years and have gotten icp tests done at least twice a year. Never had aluminum or any other toxic metal show up from it. I tend to turn the bicarbonate into carbonate so it becomes twice as soluble and also helps push up the ph in the tank at the same time as the alkalinity. The only time I've ever seen aluminum spike is when I tried a marine pure block in the sump. My aluminum went from close to nothing to toxic after just 3 weeks due to the blocks being made from aluminum silicate.
  2. On my main tank, I have a diy built fixture with ~360, ~370, ~380, and ~390 nm chips, I notice that if they are pushed to there max running voltage and amperage, they tend to only last about a year. I just run them at 80% to 90% and the ones I'm currently running have been going strong for 2+ years now. I'll be curious about the ones on this puck.
  3. Thanks! I've been a huge fan of bluefish controllers, my main DT uses it and now this one does. The puck was bought from a guy on ebay I've done business with, he sells one that I believe has the exact same leds as the 2nd or third radion. I asked if he could have one made with some specific spectrums and he was able to do it. I think hes selling the same ones now too. https://www.ebay.com/itm/100mm-5-Channel-Custom-Cree-Semileds-21-chip-LED-Aquatic-Plant-Coral-Grow-Light/373076723189?pageci=50ec146d-0b02-4558-a01e-edd636c0c327
  4. And one more photo of the tank with the spectrums finally adjusted and the tank settled. I will definitely keep updating this post but for now let me know what you think and let me know of any questions that any of you hate! Also what fish should I put in this tank? Open to suggestions but I'd like to done something unique. Possibly going with a nice designer pair of clownfish. Maybe some black snowflake or phantom clowns?
  5. Got the light set up and running smoothly after probably a half dozen issues were fixed... I stopped by CnC and picked up a BEAUTIFUL bubbletip anemone as the fist candidate for the new tank and I have to say, for no tuning of the light spectrums, this thing is so colorful. Thanks again @CuttleFishandCoral!!! Photos were taken with a Samsung Galaxy S8 active with no editing done except for the picture of the tank to try and kill some of the blues. I definitely need to do some spectrum adjusting.
  6. Okay I've got the enclosures for the LED head and driver housing done and printed/printing. This light build will utilize the PWM controller made by Bluefish. This will allow me to monitor and control the light fixture all from my phone or tablet along with having the ability to mimic weather conditions in a specific area of my choosing which is on thing that really drew me into the hobby. The LED puck is a custom designed piece made by Cree and Semiled that is similar to an older version of the Radion but has some differences like less actual LED chips and different spectrums that I wanted to
  7. What's up everyone! A couple months ago I got a coupon for some create your own custom glass panes and decided to use it to build a small nano tank. I ended up getting some 3/8" thick panes that would fit together to make a 16"x16"x10" small tank which equals roughly 11 gallons water volume. The build was more based on the tank footprint vs. water volume. There was one other thing that I wanted to do different with this tank and that was that I wanted all the parts to be 3D printed to make sort of a challenge for myself. The glass arrived in great condition and I went with black ASI silicone s
  8. If you didnt end up finding one, I always stop by thrift stores and pick up power adapters, you can get some pretty hefty ones for just a couple dollars. As long as the label for the output says 12v and the amperage is at least .7A, your good to go. The amperage can be any number as long as it's at least .7A.
  9. Yep, the light is still for sale.
  10. ATB skimmer, not sure about which model this is. - $125
  11. Mars Aqua led reef light. Fixture is not even a year old, all of the LEDs work like new and is very clean. Comes with cords. - $75
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