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Anyone ever have a fish disappear for weeks and then reappear like nothing ever happened?


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21 minutes ago, Higher Thinking said:

I know that such a scenario is pretty common with wrasses. Those fish will sometimes bury themselves in the sand for a couple weeks when they are brand new to a tank.

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Yep - had one disappear for well over a month only to pop up again one day after I had given up hope.  

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I've had fish hide for various periods, but the details are fuzzy since it hasn't happened in a long time.  However, my pompom crab continues to do it regularly; they hide a lot, in general, but mine has no nems and is extra secretive due to being without a defense (although he had picked up a maxi mini nem baby last time I saw him). His most recent hiding period lasted about a year, and I was sure he was a goner, then poof, he appeared as if by magic!

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