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Holiday Party Save the Date!


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Frag show is over :teardrop: Man was that fun!

But Wait there is more! This is always one of the best meetings of the year! There will be awesome raffle prizes similar to what you saw at the frag show!

Great venue too!


When: Saturday Dec 2

Time : 1:00PM-4:00PM

Where: Kennedy School NE Portland

If you have never been to Kennedy School this is an awesome venue! We will provide food and soda and water. You can buy beer and other alcoholic drinks

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1 hour ago, badxgillen said:

I am marking the calendar and finding a sitter, the holiday meets never disappoint.


They do if you get the really bad white elephant :nooo: 


Been years since I was able to make a holiday one so looking forward.

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On 10/20/2017 at 5:40 PM, ninkylou said:

Is this a reef focused white elephant?  

Not strictly, but most people tend to bring something reef related or reef inspired. There is sometimes a bottle of liquor or other unexpected item. Last year, I got a gift bag that had non-aquarium items but with reef themes - socks with octopuses on them, a Christmas tree ornament of Dory, and something else I've forgotten. I remember an auto fish feeder being one of the gifts that was stolen the max number of times, as well as the bottle of alcohol.

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22 hours ago, Optimusprime3605 said:

Please do, I'll probably end up putting it on after having a few...I have a feeling everyones gonna see the real side of me, haha:yahoo:

For some strange reason, this feels like a threat :shock:  j/k Doge... will look forward to seeing you there (wig or no wig).

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19 minutes ago, Emerald525 said:

There’s always a Justin Bieber electric toothbrush for some reason...🙄 Fair warning if I somehow snag said item, I am belting out Despacito! You have been WARNED!!:nono:

Oh, I think I managed to rid the club of that thing! I won it a couple of years ago (along with live pods, so the gift wasn't total crap) and took it to my workplace Christmas party. My boss's partner, the least likely person alive to want something like that (rich conservative guy in his 50s) won it and gave everyone an "eat [language filter]" look. I found it hilarious, but safe to say, that gift was thrown in the trash at the end of the night!

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