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Auction of a High End Acropora Frag Pack for TFT


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As you all know there is a wonderful upcoming meet and greet & Barbecue being held in Portland at our PNWMAS Club Presidents house Emerald.


With the success of our first annual Oregon Reef Expo and our amazing amount of funds raised by our team we thought it would be nice to run a couple auctions of some spectacular coral frags we have.

And once again all the proceeds will be going to the Tanks For Teachers program.


One of those win win scenarios here, get a batch of killer corals while helping out one of our favorite non profits.



Well enough Talk! Lets see what we have to auction here...A top notch high end SPS Acropora Frag Pack including...

Greg Hiller Aqua Delight, Reef Farmers Red Robin, Twilight Dragon, C&C Blue Coma, Pro Corals Rainbow, Green Dragon Deep Water, Purple Plasma, and a Beautiful Golden Basket Acro.
Thats 8 Killer Frags Here!

The bidding will end on Friday the 19th midnight, with preferred pick up at the August meeting at Emeralds House.















Let the bidding start.

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What day and time does the bidding end?

Good Question, I will adjust the first post with that tid bit of information. I think Friday the 19th midnight should be sufficient time to make bids with pick up at the August Meeting the 21st being ideal.



You have played this game before.

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