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  1. I will take the little giant if Brad passes
  2. I have 4 brand new in the box $10 each but I'm in Longview.
  3. No I just completely remodeled the fish room. Thank you
  4. The main tank and the one on the right in the last picture are tied together to the sump in the fish room the tank on the left will be a coral and fish qt tank on it's own sump.
  5. Looking for two 1.5 inch slip gate valves
  6. Looking for a low price 75 to 90 gallon acrylic tank and sump for my nephews first saltwater aquarium.
  7. Looking for a apex pm1 just thought I would check here first.
  8. I have a new dart pump has been sitting in my fish room decide to go vectra on the new build instead. $200 obo
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