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  1. My place is in Tigard, about 20-40tds max out of the tap. I have never use RO unit because when you have low TDS out of the tap just not required But I do have 2 unit catalytic carbon 1cuft each canister, 1KDF55 20" canister, 1KDF85 20" canister, and 2 unit of Mix Di Resin 1cuft each, this is for 0 reject water. This set up last 6 months to show 1TDS and still 0 chlorine and 0 chloramine, but I change it anyway every 6 months The better prefiltration set (sediment & catalytic carbon) before the RO unit will make the RO membrane last longer and lower volume of reject wat
  2. https://shop.goldenbasketreef.com/collections/zoa/products/zoa-1-polyp-jf-bloodshot Direct lineage from Jason Fox
  3. The effect usually not immediate but within the next 2 weeks. Hopefully all corals recover well
  4. 25% off with minimum order of 150.00 shop.goldenbasketreef.com
  5. Sorry to hear your beautiful tank have issue. This hobby is full of mistery. It is time to redo the landscape and start over
  6. Black Friday Sale 25% Off Sitewide Automatically discounted at check out
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