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  1. This is what I use for magnesium chloride. It has to be mixed with Epsom Salt / Magnesium Sulfate to use it properly otherwise you will have chloride imbalance https://www.ebay.com/itm/100-ORGANIC-MAGNESIUM-CHLORIDE-FLAKES-BOOST-IMMUNE-DEAD-SEA-NATURAL-PURE-MGCl2/224158024505?hash=item3430dc0339:g:mOMAAOSwC-5d9Vsx
  2. You can use only Epsom Salt / Magnesium Sulfate if you do not dose much and do water change regularly It is the cheapest way to dose magnesium This is Randy Holmes-Farley Recipe: Recipe #1, Part 3B Dissolve a 64-ounce container of Epsom salts (about 8 cups) in enough purified freshwater to make 1 gallon total volume. This solution is added much less frequently than the other two parts. Each time you finish adding a gallon of both parts of Recipe #1, add 610 mL (2 ½ cups) of this stock solution. It can be added all at once or over time as you choose, depending on the aquariu
  3. All live coral exporters in Indonesia very aware of the agreement, signed it to phase out wild coral trade and move toward 100% mariculture. It is plain blantant ignorance imo if majority still doing 100% wild coral. The wild coral exporters keep asking for more time to transition to mariculture coral trade. The latest I heard asking an extension to keep exporting wild coral till 2024. IMO 12+ years is enough of an extension plus the law that ban collection and trade of wild coral in Indonesia become effective first day of 2021. The way export coral quota set up yearly in Indonesia took
  4. The first ban on wild and mariculture coral it is not involving mariculture coral initially. It was a bit complicated event at that time, still tied in to very issue now that will close wild coral trade for good. In the past all live corals exporters, wild and mariculture, in Indonesia were under one group / association where wild coral exporters were the majority by 4 to 1 in numbers. Fisheries secretary at that time known by all is Susi that enacted bold regulation to fight illegal food fishing and illegal live coral collection for aquarium trade. She initially banned the
  5. SPS and Torches / Euphyllia consider a fast growing corals, so we will continue to see these corals in the trade
  6. For marine fish only those that usually come from Hawaii. Other than that still plenty of availability from other area. The scarcecity now is because of logistic challenges with covid As far as live coral we will not see those solitary coral that took 10-20 years to grow to saleable size level like cynarina, acanthophyllia, trachyphyllia ect.
  7. https://reefbuilders.com/2021/02/18/theres-another-situation-looming-regarding-wild-corals-from-indonesia/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook&fbclid=IwAR3-SjscbA0KvXp3JSHX0ysjPCKvJaHvh5ghokUD1SOI8rHgmxPlAWRwADE It is sad to say that soo we will not be seeing much of solitary / non colonial corals anymore exported from Indonesia. Whatever shipments of wild coral currently still coming from Indonesia is using 2020 export wild coral quota. When this 2020 wild coral quota done the trade for wild coral from Indonesia will no longer exist. Mariculture coral tra
  8. I know some of members in our reefing community been hit hard with the snow storm just passed Some even still have no power to the present. A few I know lost the reef tank as a result. Stay strong, rebuild to start the tank going again. I have some free starter frag pack to seed your tank when you get your reef tank back up running again. Please pm me if you are one of the unfortunate that lost your reef tank I will gladly help.
  9. It is the same accuracy as Hanna Checker for Alk test
  10. Not sure where you read this information? Alk, marine shows 5% deviation
  11. I need a bag or two of clean chaeto and dragon breath, will trade for frags
  12. Reasonably price for the amount of saltwater testing it can do, the drawback is that it is manual testing.
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