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  1. Malaysia have never issue cites permit on ever been in coral trade. The name use as marketing ploy to sell Indo Torch for more money by sellers in California. The only thing that ever came out of Malaysia (from Sabah province) are acropora. This acropora trade also has been closed last year because the abuse of collection and cites permit for acropora there. The collection permit issued for the purpose of collecting acropora brood stock for mariculture operation but ended collecting wild acropora to export. What is being imported as Malaysia acropora currently is laundered through Hongkong. The acropora smuggled from origin Sabah, Malaysia to mainland China then transported by land to Hongkong. From Hongkong the supplier using re-export cites permit from previous Indo, Australia, or Tonga coral shipment for shipping to USA. When re-export permit issue the product has to be the same product imported under original cites permit. What Hongkong supplier does is substitute the acropora with the Malaysia acropora hence laundering it.
  2. If you looking to use on calcium reactor I may make suggestion to spend the money for PH Controller and continues dosing pump to control PH inside the main chamber and consistent supply of effluent into your system. You don't have to mess with bubble counter and will be able better control your effluent concentration better. Set the PH between 6.2 - 6.8 depending on how much concentration your system requires. Check this video
  3. Enjoy growing those frags, see you again soon
  4. I thought you have endless supply of popcorn 😉
  5. We got that funny look from people when exchanging brown bags at Starbuck...lol
  6. Welcome! What size tank do you have?
  7. The corrosion is from higher humidity not from saltwater So if the humidity in that room can be controlled it will be better for the ac/heat pump unit Keeping the tank in lower temperature say 76 deg will reduce the evaporation also
  8. Thank you for the head up. No issue with the url, sometimes browser preventing to load the page. Try www.goldenbasketreef.com I have Saturday 10am - 12noon by appointment only for walk in sale
  9. All SPS Collection on the website at 40% Off *Minimum order 150.00. Local pick up free. Shop Now shop.goldenbasketreef.com
  10. Zinc target level is 5 microgram/L and usually when you have higher level could come from salt and trace elements additive If you don't add it is usually will drop down to about 1-3 microgram/L level, at that 9 microgram/L wont affect the coral Redsea ABCD additive are loaded with Zinc, Redsea Iodine has 12mcrgram/L, ESV Calcium has 9 mcrgram/L, Tropic Marine Salt has 1.0 mcrgram/L, Redsea Potassium has 6mcrgram/L, Redsea Iron has 16900 mcrgram/L (loaded), and Redsea Bioactive has 36 mcrgram/L So does many other metal as minor trace elements will be in this type of additive This is why if we are not aware and just adding additive by following other people success with it multiply that with multiple brands use, possible of overdosing is high possibility. We are setting ourselves for tank crash without us knowing it. I just gave examples above on the brand that I have done ICP to know what in it before I use the additive in my system Boron my target level is 7 mcrgram/L, Strontium my target level at 10, and Molybdenum level at 15, these minor trace elements help with healing and growth for all corals and zoa
  11. Shop Now! shop.goldenbasketreef.com Over 100 frags updated ready for 25% Off sitewide * Auto discount at check out BK Chem Fruitloops frag in on the website among other high end sps, zoa, and lps
  12. My suggestion is to make thing simple and back to basic. Carbon 24/7 and GFO 24/7 offline and let the skimmer do the job If you are afraid nutrient level climbing up then cut down on feeding Go back to basic salt like IO or you can do 50/50 IO & RC I run 20-30 NO3 and 0.08-0.1 PO4, I can assure you coral will not loose color and no nuisance algae issue
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