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First Annual Oregon Reef Expo Pictures!


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Shout out to Rudy at Golden Basket Reef for hosting this event! Also to Mattv for helping organize this!


I also would like to thank all of the volunteers who helped out!


Special thanks to Badxgillen, Sirena, Gil@Fin, Kknight, MrBret, Spectra, Brian67, Milesmiles, Flashyfins, Jorge, Rbeyer, Lexinverts, Fishoutawater for volunteering the time at the food and frag booth. 


Thanks for all of the generous donations!


Also shout out to VW reefs for donating 2 50 dollar gift certificates for our TFT raffle! Vance is super down to earth and honest guy!


Special thanks to Cuttlefishandcorals for the high end frags and generous donations. Jeff you are always an amazing supporter of TFT

Reefnjunkie for the high end SPS

Arsonmfg for quite a few high end pieces as well

BadxGillen who always goes above and beyond

Spectra who has always been such a generous supporter of TFT. Scott you are one in a million. Thanks for hauling tables down too.


Thanks again to the following members who donated:


















Also thanks to Smann for donating a table and cloths for the event! 


I'm sure I have forgotten someone! We did very well and made at least 1000 dollars for TFT today! MrBret will have the finally tally! :clap:  :clap:  :clap: 


My apologies to anyone I forgot on the list! Thanks everyone for buying generously! :clap:  :clap:  :clap: 



Here are some pictures but Badxgillen will have more and better ones!

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That's Brad actually making an appearance at a club function!!!????





That's Badxgillen himself admiring the coolest tank MrBret and Softy!





Next was Stumptown corals!! Mattv and Pantherguy!!

Mattv did a lot of behind the scenes to make this happen and was a huge help with giving tips to make the club tank look nice!










Next was Jason Fox Corals As expected he brought some really nice high end pieces!



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Next was VW Reefs! Vance was super nice and honest! He had some nice stuff at great prices! Thanks again for the donation of gift certificates!!




And again thanks Rudy for hosting and letting us use your water. I know you put a lot of work into this to make it happen!! Thanks for hosting. I didn't actually get a picture of the coral godfather but Bert did!



Next was Premium Aquarium! Great group of guys!!! Garrett is not in the picture but I know Bert got one





Next was Stylaster and all his sweet corals he got from Tonga. Oh your clams were so nice I was tempted!





And holding up the rear was PNWMAS!! Holly aka GIL &Fin hamming it up!



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Oregon Reef Expo was a success !!


Thanks again so much Sirena the First Lady !! She manned the food booth most of the day and did parking lot derail!! Could not have done this without you!!




Also special thanks to Kknight for manning the food table most of the day!






Thanks again everyone for the generous donations. I am really proud to be part of this club. We filled that 30 gallon tank and had many left over that Badxgillen will be the keeper of! Thanks again Badxgillen for taking charge of the frags!That means we have more frags to make even more money for TFT so keep posted we will be auctioning some higher end frag packs!

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This was a killer event. Thank you Rudy, and thank you everyone for making this happen.


Now let's see some corals. :)


Well I did bring a few things home with me.......


Thanks again to VW Reefs! Great stuff IMG_2603.jpg


Grabbed this torch IMG_2607.jpg and an undata from our own local Stumptown Corals......


Could not pass up this acro IMG_2608.jpg and also a zoa from GBR! Thanks again for putting this on!

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What a great day, such a success. Believe it or not I just finished putting corals away. We left a little late and caught a little bit of traffic on the way back. And once home it was time to acclimate corals, eat dinner, put corals away and now I am getting my kids to bed.


A big applause for all the people involved in the glorious event today, it was spot on.

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This was really fun for sure. It was nice to just sit around and chat without much of an agenda...except spend money. Great to see so many familiar faces and also meet some new ones.  Also, special shout out to Rudy for remembering my name even though we have only meet like once or twice before (and it was a long time ago)! Sharp memory!

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This event was a great success. thank you Rudy for hosting the first  Oregon  Reef Expo

Hopefully this will be a  new tradition for Portland


Thanks to all that donated to TFT. It is such a fun and rewarding program for the kids.

When I go check on the tank in Saint Helens the kids are always so excited and have lots of questions that I have not  even thought to ask LOl


Always fun to chat with reef geeks !

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Glad to hear it was a success and thanks to all who obviously put so much hard work into pulling it together.  I bailed on my tank plumbing so I could make it out for the last hour or so and was happy to meet lots of familiar forum names (Emerald, FlashyFins, MrBret, Softy, et. al.).  Saw lots of things I would have loved to bring home but, alas, wouldn't work too well without a tank!  Hopefully some of you folk who scored such nice pieces will be wanting to frag them by the time I'm actually up and running (fingers crossed).  In the meantime, I guess I better get on that plumbing!


Here's hoping there is a repeat next year!

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Absolutely incredible event. My daughter and I didn't stay too long because she is 5, but we were blown away with the selection. Absolutely cherry picked collections for completely reasonable prices.


I picked up half a dozen really incredible pieces, a few of which I didn't even know existed.


Thank you to everyone that put their time, money and effort forth to make this happen. This was the first reef event I've ever been to and you guys have ensured it won't be the last!

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Thank you everyone that came and all those wonderful people that helped out! I think we are definitely on to something here!!

Can't wait to see Bert's pics and how many Holly photobombed!

I too am waiting to see Bert's pictures. Always adds to the fun :)
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