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  1. Rock is spoken for. Thanks for playing.
  2. Roughly 90 pounds of really nice live rock with lots of coralline. Take it all for $100
  3. I have a Tunze nano ATO. It’s practically new. $40
  4. Don’t have any use for this anymore, this is the reactor that supported my 180+ gallons of wall to wall SPS for years. Comes with the regulator and 5# bottle that’s reading 800psi. I also have a partial bag of reborn that’s included as well. $200 Price is firm!
  5. I have someone who is supposed to pick it up tonight. If I don’t hear back from him it’s yours.
  6. 24” in diameter, 58” on the stand, 41” tall by itself.
  7. Comes with a float valve installed for turning off your RO, gate valve in the bottom for filling buckets. Also included is a steel stand. $65
  8. Tried and true, set it and forget it. if you want to grow beautiful corals this is the easiest way to know your lighting is dialed!
  9. I have a decent sized unique piece in my sump that never worked with the rest of my branch that’s in my display, I’ll pull it out and snap a picture tomorrow.
  10. Jesus Randall, I don't think there's a single person in the hobby who's gotten in and out more times than you!
  11. Still around, had a little mishaps a couple months back so pretty much starting from scratch again.
  12. I’ll take the large piece, you can’t ever have too much slimer.
  13. I'll take the pellet reactor.
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