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Request for Assistance From the Good People of PNWMAS


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If you have the time to assist, it would be awesome.


Reef2Reef is doing a POTM contest, and I entered the Naso Tang Pic.


It would be great to win an avast porthole attachment for the camera.  


If you would be willing to vote for that pic, I would much appreciate it!  I promise to take some pics with the porthole and post to our forum!


Here is the link to vote, I am 'theclark' on reef2reef



Here is the image entered, our beloved family pet:



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"Do these lips make my face look fat?"



Voted Jeremy! Looks like you're in the lead! Your picture is so good it's been the picture of the month for several months here! in all seriousness it's a great pic! Taking pictures of moving objects can be a challenge!


Thanks you guys!  It takes me about 1000 tries to get one good one, thank goodness for digital.

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i added my vote!!   


"Huuuummmmp  Daaaaaaaaaaay!!!"






That naso saw a jaw dropper frag :)


I am thinking the legendary Walt Disney!


Voted! Wish I could get shots like that :D


I will snag the wife's camera next time we are admiring your tank, get some killer shots if things work out!


Thanks guys!!!

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"Oooooo. .  .is that a camera!!!"


Loving the captions, this is fun seeing all the creativity.  Add to that caption, "can I eat it?"  Naso is such a hog...


"Just keep swimming Just keep swimming!"


Oh totally, that is great.


Voted! Awesome pic man!



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You had quite the lead this morning, I had to throw a few other votes in there too-That gem tang is SICK.


Wholesale for that fish IF you can find one is nearly 2K I believe-just to much money since it can't be fragged (successfully)


You'll love the port hole they are nice-congrats on the win :) it's in the bag


EDIT: because I could for a moment

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