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  1. Hi all, I’ve been getting my feet wet in a 40B and am ready to go a bit bigger. I’m looking for something with a footprint of 48” x 24” preferably, a bit smaller might be considered as well. I will be looking for equipment as well, but wanting to get the tank first. Thanks all!
  2. Not sure if you still have this or not, but I am looking for a skimmer if you are willing to part out?
  3. I could do $100 for the skimmer and sump if your able to meet me in Portland this saturday. I am in Tri-cities, wa
  4. Is this still available? If so, what is the brand of the skimmer and what is it rated for?
  5. Any idea if your willing to break it up yet, or still holding out for a package buyer?
  6. Welcome to the group and the great hobby!! 280 gallons, I see you started small... That sounds like an amazing tank that will only get better with each passing day!! Excited to see some pictures!!
  7. Is this taking the place of our July meeting? I haven't been to a meeting in awhile and now am starting to get the opportunity to, so I don't want to miss out on July's meeting, If I haven't already done so. . . LoL
  8. As I continue to buff my new tank and order things like crazy, as well as pick up some great help from here on the forum, I begin to check my list of all things needed to ensure my first coral tank will be successful. I'm still deciding on what lighting to go with, but as I do, a question comes to mind. Should I get something to measure my PAR? Is that something I should be doing, or is it more, start your lights on low, and slowly come up each week until your coral seem happy? The plan is to have ups, ops, and softies galore!! Any and all input is appreciated!! Thanks.
  9. Thanks guys, side note. . . this should be in general, not Classified. . .
  10. Getting ready to build my 120 and this will be my first tank with coral, full blown, growing, swapping, buying, the works!!! LoL. I want to make sure I have the flow in a pretty good set up and have read the best is to have your flow change rather then always going in one direction. I have been looking at OceansMotion 4 way. http://oceansmotions.com/version4.html What are your thoughts? What do you use? I am wanting to have SPS, LPS< and some softies too, slow build up of course, not all at once, but I'd rather build it right the first time rather then doing it 3 or 4 times. . . which may just end up happening anyways! LoL Thank you in advance!
  11. I'm looking for a skimmer, but I think that one might suck up my whole tank and sump in one gulp!! LoL, my set up is only around 160. . .
  12. I think he has a 6'x2'x2'. . . not as wide, but. . . I think he is looking for about $200. . . could probably come down some too if I talk to him about it being in his best interest. . . LoL
  13. Wiring looks good, but I can't stop looking at your skimmer. . . That must be rated "The Ocean"!!! That thing is HUGE!!!!
  14. Sorry about the crash, what size of tank upgrade are you looking for? I know a few people up here with glass tanks that might be able to get cheap!!
  15. One of my favorites is "Apex hasn't updated in 10 min. . . everything is on fire!!" LoL
  16. Yourmedic

    SPS Questions

    Just going through so threads to get an idea of flow and what not. That's some FLOW!!!
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