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Few pieces of my collection!!!!


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Borrowed a DSLR camera from my buddy and took a few shots. It's actually harder than it looks.  I think i might find myself a new hobby in reef photography.  Any photography experts here please give me some tricks.  Old camera Nikkon D300 with Tamrom 90mm macro. 














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Thanks everyone! I had a hard time with the sps colors when i dosed two parts! Eversince i switched to ca reactor then i started to see more colors! A buddy of mine started the tank at the same time but he gets amazing colors with 2 part dosing....

1. Garft bonsai

2. Reef ready grapejuice

3. Rasberry mint

4. Rainbows sc (this one is getting more color everyday)

5. Mattv Burning candle

6. Tyree red watermelon chalice

7. MattV unknow ( got this from jeff but forgot the name)

8. Ssc

9. OG mummy eyes

10. Hawkins enchinata

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That Bonsai looks better than mine by far, I'm thinking mine is to high, it's lost nearly all the purple in the main structure just the tips are purple but I've got to much going on and no space to move it...


You're doing great with the sticks (and everything else for that matter)

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Corals look great!


Pics are pretty good too. Since you asked for some tips, on macros try a higher f stop, and really be mindful about where you want the center of focus to be. Your depth of field with a macro lens is very shallow, so with colonies you need to choose which part will be completely in focus. Your doing great though. I'll warn you, the photography bug hobby can be more expensive than the reef keeping hobby. I love it though.



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