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  1. What are your other hobbies?

    I used to be a devout believer in "he who dies with the most toys, wins" but hospital visits cured me. Now fly fishing, alpine skiing, scuba, auto restoration, white water rafting and of course watching my aquarium's alkalinity bounce up and down.
  2. Trimming back my oversized zoa colony

    this zoa colony is overwhelming the adjacent blastomussa. They both are on a large live rock that cannot be removed from the tank. Can I cut each zoanthid off where the base meets the rock? If I do, can I just let the small polyps float away, die and degrade? Or, with all the current pumps off, should I suction each polyp up and discard? Is this species valuable and worth saving somehow? Am I right that this colony is a large zoa and not a paly?
  3. Egg Crate

    I have 3/4 sheet of white.
  4. Bubbles Troubles, Milwaukee style

    Let's see if these zipped photos are view able.
  5. Bubbles Troubles, Milwaukee style

    Thanks for the suggestion. It never occurred to me to bypass the needle valve and bubble counter. Can you suggest a fitting to screw into the solenoid with a push-to-fit or slip-on end for the tubing?
  6. Bubbles Troubles, Milwaukee style

    I have been going nuts trying to adjust my bubble count with the Milwaukee MA 957 CO2 regulator. I set the needle valve for a nice even bubble flow, and then later, I have to open it up more for the same flow. This went on several weeks as I tried to adjust the effluent flow, the primary and secondary CO2 pressure gauges, and whatever else I could fiddle with, hoping to get a steady bubble flow. Finally I saw mention of a clogged needle valve and found this instruction: MA957 Clogged Needle Valve Repair Procedure Over time dirty CO2 gas flowing through the regulator will start to deposit dust and dirt in the small gas line located inside the needle valve. When these deposits become large enough the gas flow becomes restricted and eventually will stop. When you add more gas pressure, forcing the gas pass the inline restriction, the flow will start back but as the backpressure subsides the gas flow and bubble count will also diminish and will again eventually stop. This yo-yo effect causes the operator to apply even more pressure from the large black main regulator knob (Macro adjustment) until the backpressure is so high that the solenoid will not close, even when power to the solenoid is turned off. This high backpressure in the solenoid piston chamber will allow gas to continue to flow through the regulator dropping the pH to 5.5 causing a catastrophic effect on all biological life in a tank. Field repair procedure - Turn the tank off and take the regulator off the tank. Take the bubble counter off the regulator needle valve. Open the needle valve all the way open by turning the knob counter-clockwise until it stops. Use a 1/16” drill and go through the top hole of the needle valve and drill through the base of that hole until you feel the drill pass through into the main chamber. Drill time is only about 2 seconds at full drill speed. Turn the regulator over and tap the needle valve on a table to knock out the drill filings. Remount the regulator. Note: If 1/16” drill is not available then go to next size which is a 5/64” drill bit. Eureka, I found the problem. So I drilled out the valve and reassembled. ......Started out fine, but after a short honeymoon, it again slowly shut off the flow of gas. So either I did the procedure wrong, or something else is wrong. OK, next solution -- install the highly touted CarbonDoser. Should solve my problems, right? Not!!! The used unit I bought for $250 did not work. No gas flow. So I put it into a box and sent it into AquariumPlant.com for repair. Back to manual daily two part dosing. Crapola, solving our country's immigration challenge would be easier than this. FYI, I already know the answer to that problem.
  7. WTB: Achilles Tang or other baby powder

    Opps, I forgot to add the silly smiley face to establish that this was a joke. I am still new to "forum-speak".
  8. WTB: Achilles Tang or other baby powder

    If you open your own shop, you can then buy wholesale. Good luck.
  9. Clear netting?

    I have plenty as well.
  10. For Sale: Metal Halide bulbs

    I hate packing, but for a little upcharge on the shipping fee, I will gladly help. Do you have recommendation for shipping method? UPS overnight? 5 day? Pony Express?
  11. For Sale: Metal Halide bulbs

    No one wants to pay for old light bulbs. So these are free. No charge. Complimentary.
  12. WTS Bubble Magus Curve 7

    This skimmer, in perfect shape, is still available.
  13. Reusing carbon

    Still wondering if the carbon can be reused several times before it is depleted. Am I the only one so cheap that he does not want to throw away potentially useful media?
  14. January 2018 Meeting at The Premium Aquarium

    Rats. I'll be on Grand Cayman that week.
  15. Why is the reef tank not depleting calcium?

    That you all for the support. I am exploring your suggestions, and know I will figure it out.