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  1. Trailermann

    May Meeting May 12

    Oh no, I will be away fishing (catch and release of course).
  2. I went blank today at the meeting.  The phosphate test system is Hanna Phosphate Checker, a manufacturer that is often recommended by on-line retailers.



  3. Trailermann

    Getting back into the game after 20(ish) years

    I can relate. My hiatus was 30 years. Another break like that and I will be dead.
  4. I plan to go somewhere next year and need some advise. I have only done one dive trip since my recent immersion into reefing. Grand Cayman was beautiful, but the visibility was only about 50 feet (recent stormy weather) and dull staghorn and brains were about the only hard corals. Yeah, also fire corals galore. Tons of sponges. Now wondering where to dive to see acropora, blastomussa, acan, favites, goniapora, etc. In other words, I want to see WorldWideCoral.com live, in person. Thinking seriously about Palau. Already been to Coral Sea, Borneo, Fiji, Truk in past years. I will post this also in R2R but would put more stock in advise from PNWMAS.
  5. Trailermann

    Can't lower nitrate

    I am not ready to apply @albertareef's chemical treatment yet, but I suggest you PM him directly. Good luck Oregonic.
  6. Trailermann

    Can't lower nitrate

    Good information from all of you. I'll be considering sand bed change or complete removal. Cleaning with tons of turbulance of the back chambers of my AIO after three years could also help. Interestingly, I have a second 30 gallon tank that receives about the same amount of food. It only has a HOB filter and a HOB skimmer, but the nitrates are nearly undetectable.
  7. Trailermann

    Free Birdsnest

    Love to get a small piece of the birds nest. I will be a Hollys for the meeting.Love to get a small piece of the birds nest. I will be a Hollys for the meeting.
  8. Trailermann

    Power strip

    Yes, very helpful. I'll be adding those yellow things to my set up. However, I plan to stick with the DJ because of the clean look.
  9. Trailermann

    What are your other hobbies?

    I did not expect to find motor heads and adrenaline junkies in this group.
  10. Trailermann

    Can't lower nitrate

    Lex, thanks for the info and encouragement. Yes, I use RODI water, and an algae scrubber is on my wish list. My SPS are not happy and I suspect the "high" nitrate could be a factor. LadyS, my three water changes were within the span of eight days. When you say that you cleaned everything, are you referring to all the sand and rocks and refugium floor (if you have one)? Many experts in our club recommend leaving the sand bed alone.
  11. Trailermann

    Can't lower nitrate

    Good news, just completed my third large water change, and the nitrates now measure only 5. My fingers are crossed that a forth change will finally get me down where I want.
  12. Trailermann

    Can't lower nitrate

    Let's just say that I have bought a new nitrate test kit and the results are the same. If the live rock is leaching nitrate, wouldn't the nitrate level be rising between water changes? And what is the solution to those low-down, no-good nitrate leachers?
  13. Trailermann

    Can't lower nitrate

    Even after multiple 25% water changes of my 30 gallon JBJ rimless, the nitrate remains at 10 using Red Sea Pro test kit (and repeated testing). I get higher readings in my live rock holding tank, and lower results in my other 30 gallon LPS tank. On top of that mystery, the nitrate level does not go up from 10 after a fortnight of regular feedings and no water changes. I am puzzled. If my readings are accurate, what can cause the nitrates to hold at a rock solid ten?
  14. Trailermann

    What are your other hobbies?

    I used to be a devout believer in "he who dies with the most toys, wins" but hospital visits cured me. Now fly fishing, alpine skiing, scuba, auto restoration, white water rafting and of course watching my aquarium's alkalinity bounce up and down.
  15. Trailermann

    Trimming back my oversized zoa colony

    this zoa colony is overwhelming the adjacent blastomussa. They both are on a large live rock that cannot be removed from the tank. Can I cut each zoanthid off where the base meets the rock? If I do, can I just let the small polyps float away, die and degrade? Or, with all the current pumps off, should I suction each polyp up and discard? Is this species valuable and worth saving somehow? Am I right that this colony is a large zoa and not a paly?