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  1. I just found my AI Director which I had buried after the Hydra26 died. Since AI's old non-HD lights are obsolete, one of you might have one that is taking up space in storage. I would be happy to take it off your hands at a fair price and maybe I can figure out a use for it. Alternatively, I am happy to part with the Director if it helps one of you out.
  2. I am a sponsoring member. Will, I guess I am even though I do not know the difference between a supporting member, a sponsoring member, and a regular member.
  3. My two cents is that Amazon is great for purchasing standard supplies for next day delivery. Too often, I discover I need a product badly and cannot wait for the BRS delivery time. Sometimes the cost is a couple of dollars more.
  4. But it needs to be less that 30 inches wide. The common 29 gallon is 30 inches and my counter is 29" and I don't want it hanging out.
  5. Got a nice sump for you. Sending PM
  6. FYI, I am very happy so far with my 130 gallon Custom Aquarium peninsula tank
  7. No, not on fish. I am referring to the specks on the glass which I presume is calcium deposits. What causes this, and what can I do different? This photo is of my 20 gallon coral quarantine tank. Calcium reading is in range of 420.
  8. Wow, I would have never figured that out.
  9. Looks like a good suggestion, but I wonder how does a person report the thread?
  10. This is a wonderful service from the Club. But managing these meters is close to a thankless job and a volunteer one at that. So, a big shout-out to the board and all others who keep this program moving. With that said, I would like to join the waiting list, and I promise to get it back quickly.
  11. If we don't cross paths again, I will always remember your gentle wisdom, willingness to offer help, and of course, the beautiful skin for my 120 gallon stand. Yes, some (actually many) things are more important that one hobby. Paul
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