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  1. Skip me if my number comes up soon. I will be fishing the rest of the month.
  2. Seems like one of our units should be available. If I get my hands on one shortly, I can have it returned by Sunday. After that, I will be fishing for ten days.
  3. Wow, how your mind works is a mystery. Why did I not think if that?
  4. And a five pounder just fits my CO2 shelf. So I am in the market for a used one (not needed by Gil&Fin).
  5. Do I need Lightroom or similar to view the raw data once I have downloaded the images onto my desktop?
  6. Does anyone keep records of the lens, f-stop, shutter speed, iso, and lighting for each shot?
  7. Share the love #1 Fingers crossed.
  8. Beats me.
  9. I have rearranged by rock-work, and interested in different light settings. Is it too soon to get in line for "seconds"?
  10. For my 30 gallon Nano, I had a dickens of a time dialing in the affluent drip rate at a couple of drops per second. But my solution was to increase the flow rate to 15 ml per minute while raising the pH to 7.0 in the reactor. Now the flow is steady and consistent.
  11. BRS recently produced a video of a refugium lighting test. It was interesting that they measured the uptake of nutrients which was not necessarily proportional to the growth of chaeto.
  12. Bummer that I missed the meeting. As I drove down I-5 through Wilsonville on the way to the meeting, I saw a horrendous bumper to bumper line of cars heading north. I figured it was the back up of traffic caused by the freeway closure in Portland. Not being in a position to sit in traffic after the meeting, I chickened out and pulled off. Dropped into the anniversary sale at All Things Aquarium, got some nice corals, and headed back home. And by then the bad traffic had totally cleared. Crapola!
  13. I got an anemone to release after about five minutes of hanging upside down out of the tank. The rock was heavy and my arms were super tired, but I outlasted the bugger. Gravity did the job.
  14. Would you say that chillers are standard equipment for setups that primarily use metal halide lights? Even with home A/C?
  15. Thanks Mr. Bad X, Don't know what I need, let alone what I want. Thanks so much for your offer. I think I will sit back at the meeting/swap and watch all the action. That way, I will be in a better position to participate once I can get some corals growing instead of receding.