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  1. eclipse pics

    Who is the unlucky car owner?
  2. How do you judge the right amount of light?

    That makes sense. But I am still wondering how I can tell if a coral is not getting enough light, and how quickly too much light will kill a coral.
  3. How do you judge the right amount of light?

    Are you saying that if LFS sells me an acro that has been under bright light (like 350 PAR), then I can start the newly purchased stick at the top of my rocks? Yes, I have done the PAR meter survey of my tank.
  4. Sick Montipora

    Good advice on GFO. I will be watching and managing the phosphate level much more carefully.
  5. Big news!!!

    Yes, I knew his would be big news. Congratulations on this strategic move.
  6. Sick Montipora

    It might have been shocked earlier by a hot spot, but it has been down low for about 10 days now. The plug was just moved up to the top for the photo.
  7. We have cards!!

    This is my "cat". Not as cute as yours. And yes, the cards look sharp and professional.
  8. Sick Montipora

    What is wrong here? All my water parameters have been mostly stable with two exceptions. My nitrate hangs close to 10 except after water changes bring it down to 5. My phosphate peaks at .09 and then drops to zero after using Phosguard. I have kept the frag in low light near the bottom. First photo is when I brought my newly purchased Red Montipora Cap home. Second image is now, one month later. The lighting and cameras were different for each photo, partially explaining the variance in color. Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated since I can't "read" the coral's health symptoms.
  9. How do you judge the right amount of light?

    I am told that bleaching occurs where there is too much light. Can this happen in a matter of hours, or within a day, or more slowly? If the corals are bleaching, what else besides lighting could be the cause? At the other end of the spectrum, what are the signs of not enough light? When I have introduced new corals, I follow everyone's advice and start off at the sand bed. How soon do you start moving them up? What are the repercussions of leaving the corals on the sand bed too long? What signs do you look for when moving the coral up again?
  10. Viewing photos

    Thanks, I guess that is why many are jumping off the sinking ship Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  11. Viewing photos

    I guess this is out of bounds since it really does not apply to aquariums, fish, water, etc. When viewing some of your posts, instead of the photo you stick on the page, I get this notice from Photobucket: "Please update your account to see third party hosting". Does this refer to my account (of which I do not have) or the posting person's account? Am I doing something wrong again?
  12. I hate photobucket!

    OK, so I will just forget about PHotobucket or any other oddball photo management/storage system. Thanks.
  13. I hate photobucket!

    This is all Greek to me. Is there a Forum Photo 101 course available?
  14. Lexinverts' Red Sea Max reef tanks

    Do I need to do something to view the photos? All I see is "Please update your account to see third party hosting".
  15. August Annual BBQ! Swap Meet and Raffles Galore!!

    Fantastic food spread including all the great ribs and all the fresh Dungeness crab you could eat. Many thanks to the hostess/chef team of Kim and Serena, the great crab catcher Jeremevans and all the many pot-luckers. I especially enjoyed talked with some of you. But it is frustrating that there are so many others I have not met. Guess I will just have to keep coming to meetings.