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  1. Sorry for late reply. I think Custom Aquariums sells them for $49 plus shipping. I live near C&C and can drop it off if that is convenient. You can save a few bucks this way and I don't have to go to the Post Office to send the return.
  2. Such a cool unit. Begs me (almost) to set up an entirely new tank. I trust it will be put to good use.
  3. Not sure if you are looking for power supply or controller. If the power supply is what you want, come and get the two I have. There have 36V 2.5a outputs, the same as my new Hydra 32. Your only cost is for your gas to get here.
  4. Wow, there are so many interesting things still to learn. Learn, learn, learn, and then we depart for Heaven (or elsewhere).
  5. Brand new special return nozzle fittings for drilled tanks. One is 1/2", $20, and second is 3/4", for $42. I ordered the wrong size then wrong quantity. Very small quantity of water returns to sump once pump is turned off. These are adjustable to your water level. Custom design by CustomAquariums.com of Wisconsin. If these cannot be used by a club member, I will return them to manufacturer.
  6. Trailermann

    First nudebranch

    I recently spotted and removed a small white nudibranch from a branching SPS. Size was about the tip of a ball point pen. What are the chances that it was the only one?
  7. ENcouraging feedback. I will lower the frags and watch the nutrients carefully. So far, my testing has shown zero and zero.
  8. I cannot tell is these white areas are a discoloration of the coral or somelayer over the coral. Note that the white areas appear somewhat blue in these photos. Could it be too much light?
  9. This is for my rock curing tub, so anything well worn will do.
  10. I have some old power supplies from older models, but not the Sol. I suggest you reach out to AI for the specs.
  11. You are welcome to use my 220V Lincoln mig welder. I live in SW Portland not far from Washington Square.
  12. It would surely be helpful to neophytes to overlay (photoshop?) an identification tag marking the primary corals in each photo. Having a description above or below the photo often does not help because many photos contain multiple corals.
  13. Woody's Seahorse has CP
  14. I would enjoy that. Are you going to the Saturday meeting?
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