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  1. Anxious to watch it in the morning, with coffee, and with croissant.
  2. One more person wanting to get back on the list. Just received a new light.
  3. Best wishes to you, 707. Enjoy the learning trajectory.
  4. One more option. I think I have a Little Giant 3MD SC that is rated at 708 gph. Interested?
  5. Could I help by ordering a wild SPS or two from CNC? Or if the parasite is present, would my other corals in the QT be in danger?
  6. It is nice to be reminded how little I know in this big world. Thanks to both of you.
  7. Daily target feeding, right?
  8. U too got excited for a huge new endevour,, but that still is a nice unit.
  9. Wow, that is great for PNWMAS, Portland, all Apex users, and of course, Mr. SuncrestReef. Hope to catch it live.
  10. Remind me what lens you use please. And what was the lighting for the spider.
  11. I have used three different high quality salt mixes the past two years, and always get the brown stuff.
  12. I bit of reading suggests that this fish is very aggressive and not reef safe. But beautiful!
  13. For some reason, I could not view the video on my Chromebook.
  14. OK, buddy. I will pull the kit off the shelf and process it and mail it in. Nice to know that my single simple sample will be contributing to your solid scientific studies. (Onomatopoeia over use?.)
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