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  1. Trailermann

    Solid wood cover for 75 gallon tank

    Fits 48 by 18 inch tank with a little room to spare. 8 inch height.
  2. Trailermann

    Battery operated air pump

    I have two, but I can't find them! Lot of good that will do me in a storm.
  3. Trailermann

    2019's Hottest Shroom!?!

    Who gets to eat that baby?
  4. Beautiful solid wood cover with hinged lid Plenty of space for mounting lights. This should definitely get re-used by one of you guys. What a shame if it goes to the dump. Tell me what you can afford, and good chance that will be the price.
  5. Trailermann

    Hello from Garden Home

    Staying at Las Terrazas Resort on Ambergris Caye. My buddy in hotel business is super connected. We got a deal no one could refuse. Looking forward to diving the reef and also the Blue Hole. Cold beer should also be a highlight. Also a few days in the country's interior. Not so sure there will be much hard coral and especially acros in particular. Looking forward to quizzing Jeff on best sites worldwide for the kinds of corals we are mostly interested in. Years ago I did tons of UW photography with Nikonos and multiple strobes. Nothing automatic and certainly nothing digital. Bulky, heavy, expensive and only one out of ten shots were keepers. ON top of that, the only way to share the photos was a slide show. Now considering jumping back into photography.
  6. Trailermann


    Wow, are we here in Oregon lucky to have C&C and you with us.
  7. So far, so good. Keep on truck'n.
  8. Trailermann

    Hello from Garden Home

    Wow, who would have thought that GH would house so many reefers and divers. Let me know if you need a tank sitter. Anyone have thoughts on the proper camera set up for Belize diving? Trip planned for May.
  9. Trailermann

    WTB: Apex classic and UV sterilizer.

    Thanks. I think you have a good plan. Paul
  10. Trailermann

    Truly bad neighbors

    Has everyone one but me seen this short video? Here it https://www.facebook.com/wixdaES/videos/521704128240739/
  11. Trailermann

    WTB: Apex classic and UV sterilizer.

    Yes, I have two 15 watt Aquanetic sterilizers, in good condition (new bulb) that I do not plan on using. I also have a Apex Classic brain unit with screen, hardly used that I can part with and upgrade to the newer brain. what is a fair price?
  12. Trailermann

    WTB: Apex classic and UV sterilizer.

    I might be able to help you. I will do some research first.
  13. Trailermann

    105g build

    We should have known you would be back.
  14. Trailermann

    auto neck cleaner

    Well, one more thing for my shopping list.
  15. Trailermann

    SPS changes reveal chemistry imbalance

    I have read that NO3 s/b 100 times the phosphate. Your experience drives the point home strongly. Thanks for sharing and hopefully it will help me avoid certain problems.