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  1. https://apsari.com/sharks-nature-sea-antarctica-ocean-wonder-of-nature
  2. pledosophy

    15 minutes - bye bye corraline

    Thank you for making the rest of us feel less guilty about how often we scrape the front of our tanks. I let mine go three days last week and felt back. With your inspiration I might let it go 4 days this week
  3. pledosophy

    Sudden pH drop

    A .8 drop and no death is almost always a probe issue. If you have had the air conditioning on and the doors closed constantly for awhile it can cause pH problems as well. We normally only see that in the winter, but with the smoke lately I know many of us have had the houses closed up. Since the smoke is gone I would recommend opening a window today for a bit as a just in case method. Get some fresh air into the house. Good luck!
  4. pledosophy

    ATO Stayed on last night

    You probably won't see any ramifications from a .002 change. I think that was pretty common in the hobby back before auto top offs (ya I've been in this that long). I used to dump 3g of water into my tank every other day or so. This is exactly why my reservoir tank is not plumbed directly to my RODI via float switch. That woulda been bad. Seen some great tanks die from that. Good luck to you.
  5. pledosophy

    You're welcome

    Ha! I loved my little Frog fish. Tons of personality. This video always gets me.
  6. pledosophy

    Simplicity protein skimmer

    I run the 240 in 10" of water. It works well for my 90g.
  7. pledosophy

    Question about selling...

    I say sell all the MJ pumps to me and donate the rest to TFT Or . . . . I can hook you up with a 90g and you can put them all to work.
  8. pledosophy

    Looking to buy 90-125g tank

    I have a 90g tank with a stand. I also have LR and 2 Ocean Revive lights if you want to include those. I set the tank up about 3 years ago as a temproray QT tank, and then never took it down. The rock has some coraline growth on it, but is not fully encrusted. There is some good sponge life going on. Some of the rock pieces are larger volleyball/basket ball sized. Not sure on lbs, but enough to fill up the tank. I would prefer to keep the sump that I am using on it for my cube project (which is why I want to get rid of the 90) The tank is upstairs, and you'd have to haul it. If your interested hit me at at kpfrenzel at yahoo.com I am not on the forums to often anymore, so that will be a better way to get a hold of me.
  9. pledosophy

    Live rock pics

    I used to grow a ton of that halimeda. Great algae, very colorful green. That Sargassum will grow very well in tanks too. It is unique to have something that is brown but looks good. Great piece of rock
  10. pledosophy

    Rest in peace Woody!

    Very Sad to hear. Woody was the first reefer I met when I moved to PDX. Back before we had a forum and an official club, Woody's place was where we'd all hang out. PNWMAS wouldn't have come to be without his help IMO. Great guy.
  11. pledosophy

    Selling it all

    Dimensions of sump?
  12. pledosophy

    Drilled 40b Tank stand an sump

    Dimensions on sump? I might be down for the Acans too depending on how many are left and if the Sump thing works out. I am not on here to much these days. Email might be better kpfrenzel at yahoo.com
  13. pledosophy

    WTB Skimmer (20-40 ish gallon range)

    I've had my Reefstar running for a few years now. I picked it up from Micah who had it going a couple years. Skims. Quiet. No problems. I'd get another for shizzle.
  14. pledosophy

    <3 Hybrid Yellow Ponies <3

    I am happy people are still using them! I might be out in your neck of the woods in a couple weeks. Hopefully I can stop by and see the shop.
  15. pledosophy

    <3 Hybrid Yellow Ponies <3

    Seahorse.org has a very good library of articles. IME most important thing is keeping the temp 74 or below. Then enough flow, and good food. They are a very hardy fish. You'd be amazed. This is my favorite seahorse tank mate article It's old but I surveyed a few hundred seahorse keepers to create it with Renee. Plus purty pictures http://www.seahorse.org/library/articles/tankmates/tankmates.shtml
  16. pledosophy

    Preferred Ca Reactor Media?

    Especially with the amount of coral that Andrew kills off.....
  17. pledosophy

    Cleaning Equipment Safeley

    Vinegar is great for most things. For more sensitive equipment I use RODI water. Usually for things like probes, cheaper pumps (jaebo's), etc. RODI takes a little while longer, but it is less harsh on some of the seals. JME
  18. pledosophy

    Hangin' in Hawaii!

    If you want to drop box or email me your favorite stills I'll see what I can do. I know a little bit about post production for photography When I dove in the Gulf the Ocean water was 88F at the surface. I can't believe you dove in Hawaii without one. You're tougher than me. I am a complete wimp when it comes to cold water.
  19. pledosophy

    I love seahorses

    I would go with a 30g to start or larger IME. They really do use the room and since they are a bit inefficient with their digestion, the larger water volume will be a benefit for you. IME
  20. pledosophy

    I love seahorses

    Seahorses don't ration there food. If you put thousands of mysis in there, they will be gone in a few days. If you needed a couple days once in awhile it's no biggie, but more than that you'll need a sitter. Also IME if you feed live to often it can throw the seahorse off frozen food. Most species prefer to be fed 2x a day. I had much better health that way. HTH
  21. pledosophy

    Hangin' in Hawaii!

    Nice man. Scuba diving is one of my favorite things to do. Hawaii is awesome for it, but now you have to go to Cozumel So bomb. Cozumel is so warm I have scuba'd without a wetsuit. Once you get the itch, it's like the ocean is calling. It looks like the reefs are actually better when I dove there last. That is a great thing! There are some pretty easy presets to color correct photo's from a go pro from diving if the color bothers you. I only mention because you mentioned the "better camera equipment". Some simple color adjustments might help you get closer to what your looking for. So, you reaquascaping the tank now?
  22. pledosophy

    SPS problems

    I hope you have found your answer. It is fairly odd though to have lack of nutrients and cyano in the same system IME. It can happen, but not to often. 16 fish being fed one of 5 foods 2 times a day and the cheato is growing also does not sound like much of an environment of a nutrient poor system. Typically IME cheato growth shows that there is ample nutrients in a system. It is when it changes colors to either much darker or much lighter (lime/yellow) that is indicative of a nutrient poor system. What part of the day are you taking your nitrate reading? If your feeding twice a day it could fluctuate throughout the day with great filtration. If your feeding 2x a day though, and feeding heavy like you stated, even with great filtration a 0 for nitrate would be unique. I might take in water sample next time you visit the LFS and ask them to run that for you. The only times I have ever seen cyano with a 0 nitrate in my system is when I was figuring out a carbon dosing level threshold. I have never had 0 nitrate and been able to keep cheato alive and growing myself. JME, hope that helps you.
  23. pledosophy

    Last of the equipment grab bag of all

    You have a RIO? Damm your old I haven't seen one of those in like 10 years. That is a great deal though! Sad to see you almost all the way out man. Your one of the few that have been around here as long as me. When you come back to the hobby, and we know you will , give me a ring man. We'll get you hooked up. A RIO? #mindblown
  24. pledosophy

    I love seahorses

    I am Kevin on that site. I know not very original with the name there LOL. Seahorses do all have their own personalities. Only true seahorse people can see it though, the rest of the world just thinks we are crazy. I had an erectus that would come to the top of the tank and actually squirt water out of the tank at us, (not sure he was aiming at us, but he did hit us a couple times)he was one of my favorites. I had a Reidi too that I saw at an LFS riding the thermometer around the tank. I bought the seahorse and the thermometer. He rode that thing around for 8 years. I have bred Reidi, Comes, Barbouri, Erectus and Kuda. I tried for a long time to get some Comes to breed with some Barbouri to see if I could bring out a striped snout with a striped tail, but they never took. The only success with hybrids I had were with Reidi, Erectus, and Kuda. I am still in the hobby, just not on here to much these days. I keep a mixed reef tank (120g) and an RBTA tank (90g). I also have a little 30g cube with all of the needed equipment sitting in the garage to be setup my next day off. I have had a tank of some kind or another for the last 16 years. I even have some 12 year old corals and a pair of 11 year old clowns. It's a great hobby. Some amazing people in it for sure.
  25. pledosophy

    I love seahorses

    Me Too. They are what got me into the hobby. I kept them from 2002 until 2015. The real fun is in the breeding of difference species, and the cross breeding I bet some fry tanks would really bring people into your store If you ever have any questions I am happy to help out. Seahorse.org also has a very extensive library of articles with everything from breeding setups, food tables, and tank mate guides. I think the biggest help I found was just keeping that tank temp below 74. For me it was the difference in keeping one alive for 3 years or 9 years.