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  1. Like the title says Radion XR15 G5 pro LEDs $325 ea or $600 for both
  2. Do it, the footprint is small but the flow and spread is amazing. I’m a big fan of that pump, it’s the best bang for your buck you can get in my opinion.
  3. New Blasto addition for the tank, got it from a local fellow reefer that was having trouble with his blastos. Also my GMK putting out a baby(they grow so slow)
  4. I have a Hephaestus that I might be selling soon
  5. I saw it when it was available, never seen one like it before, wouldn’t spend $600 as I assume there is a reason you don’t see them. If they are Hardy it would be an amazing piece.
  6. I saw that torch on R2R yesterday, it’s a cool looking piece
  7. Petco I has them on sale for $50, they are running their $1 per gallon sale, breeders are $50
  8. 1. Learn how to ship corals(so I can flip your holy grail torch on R2R for double shh don’t tell anyone). 2. More baby talk to my corals, it makes them grow faster, it’s proven science. 3. Name my own coral, price it way to high, and buy a new car with it. (I have some made up names and extra high price corals if interested). 4. go to a frag trade if 2021 allows one 5. Stare at my wife more than my tank(she sponsors this message). 6. Buy less grow more
  9. Truly an amazing torch! It doesn’t smell half as bad as it sounds if your run enough carbon....
  10. @Matteoyou take some really great pictures. @Manny Tavanpicture of the mother or I’m calling BS.
  11. My tank got a lot brighter today thanks to the Awesome torch I got from @Manny Tavan. Just the coolest torch I’ve seen. As always Manny threw in an extra, Manny thanks(see what I did there).
  12. If I’m being honest I’m doing a poor job of growing a lot of bacteria, I’m a year out so I’ve slacked on it. I’m ramping it up now. I preparing to go bare bottom so I’ll have to ramp it up. I’ll let you know.
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