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  1. Apologies. Thx, I should search before posting. It's been a while, ok?! EDIT: Ok, seems like a tangent but related thread. As consumers it's important to not put up with shenanigans though. And it's generally the norm with MO marketing.
  2. So I'm noticing a trend when it comes to Youtube content. Anyone correct me if I'm reading this wrong. Popular Youtube channels for our hobby seem to receive product for the purpose of a 'reviews' without mentioning the fact that the product(s) were obtained at a discount, or for free. Additionally, you can see companies such as Ecotech and WWC sponsoring content creators and providing product for content creation. Feels like a paid advert at the end of the day, but content creators are less than forthright about their inherent bias. In the rare case that content creators do spend M
  3. oh god, audio notifications of thread replies... I'm DOOMED. The slope....is slippery!
  4. Not shocked on the Ca/Alk/Mg automation early-adopter-syndrome. I feel like it's a bit early if you're not sponsored. They clearly have wrinkles to work out. Needless to say you cannot be conservative enough. Warrantees will not replace livestock.
  5. Thx for this. I feel like long term endgame is in the hobbyists' hands for hardware and software...and open source will eventually prevail since the probes/sensors are essentially commoditized. Software can be open-sourced along with UI design... and conditional language solutions for controlling are free. BUT, Neptune does deserve a round of applause as long as they can hold on. They're OG ofter all. That said, there's always demand from consumers who aren't excited about anything DIY and just want and can afford plug-and-play solutions.
  6. Honestly, I'm pretty sold on Neptune at this point due to the ability to both monitor and control, with a decent UI (I'm a UX designer). I'm a bit optimistic re: the Coralvue Hydros in some ways, but not sure if it's just marketing. Clearly they haven't invested in the user experience on the UI side. But I'm interested in their approach. Actually, one immediate question: The 'rope' style leak detectors that are available with Hydros...is especially appealing. Can I integrate rope-style leak detection with neptune? I'd assume not, but c'mon Neptune get on that!
  7. Curious on thoughts. Obviously Neptune has the high ground (Anakin!) but things are getting very interesting. My requirements are monitoring and controlling though, and it looks like Mindstream and Hydros are only monitoring? Probably going Neptune at this point, but any news about Neptune next gen? The new system came out a few years ago? Thx in advance! 😛 eye candy below. circa Waves 2004. (Thx to Shaun Monahan)
  8. I got this salt creep problem.... in my head. I've been fighting it for a while now... haven't fully fallen off the wagon yet... but I'm getting so close I can taste the salt in my mouth. I know, I know... this is a place for enabling, not recovery. Just venting. PS - Also miss the community. Getting closer to rejoining you nut-cases unless I find a way to turn the mental ship around. But it's looking pretty salty on the roadmap. Help! 😛
  9. Thanks for the ideas folks! I think the real challenge will be to make it nice and seamless, and dealing with the rounded posts. I'll keep you guys updated.
  10. Sry Clark, hopefully the tongue-in-cheek translated effectively with my emojis. 😛 I used these industrial wire racks for closet-reefin' in the past, but currently I have no way to conceal them elegantly...so I'm examining ways to make them as inconspicuous as possible. Curious if anyone has tried this in the past, or if I'm missing a good solution beyond magnets and maybe Corian custom panels. Honestly, the more DIY, the better.
  11. Hey, Curious George...just answer the question! Jesus christ...😜 I'm considering turning my small downtown studio into a lab first (ReefLabs 2.0 brah!), and I can sleep on the couch or a hammock. But I would like to avoid the 'sweaty-wife-beater, salt-creep/wires everywhere' stigma of yore... when I'm entertaining guests who might be less than accustomed to mad marine scientists... Basically what i said, how to make industrial wire shelving slick looking...I'm planning on stacking tanks. 🤔
  12. Curious if anyone has any ideas re: skinning/ adding a facade to industrial wire shelving...a la Uline. I'm leaning towards laser cut panels of something with magnets. Priority one is a seamless facade with zero light bleed... thoughts? Beuller?.......Beuller? 😛 Derp...forgot the link: sry, here's an example: https://www.uline.com/BL_3878/Chrome-Wire-Shelving
  13. Thanks. I got all sorts of custom sump and stand ideas i need to get out of my head and start experimenting in a modeling environment. Noticing a lot of freely available models from places like 8020 and grainger. I'm assuming those models can be used regardless of the CAD client you're importing into or do some model formats not work with some CAD software?
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