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  1. Do you know the lineage? and a picture of mommy would be nice thank you
  2. We are headed that way now bringing some frags if anyone wants to trade. See everyone there!
  3. I have a pair and feed them a live starfish (chocolate chip star) every 2 weeks. I just stock up on stars when I’m at my LFS and toss them in the sump. Tried frozen for a couple weeks they really didn’t seem interested so switched back to live they are much happier. Hope this helps also side note I’ve heard they do better in pairs can sex them pretty easily if you need help
  4. Also that Acan I got from you is in the video really has changed on me IMG_4208.MOV
  5. My hammer that I got from J-Dog is doing amazing been awhile now, if you want an amazing rainbow hammer for a quality price don’t hesitate to snag one up from J-Dog, thanks again man. Video is an AB+ feeding
  6. Have 3 frags of armor of god pricing armor of god 2 polyp- 10$ 4 polyp- 15$ 6 polyp- 25$ mind blowing palys 3 polyp- 10$ Open to trades, located in Vancouver, WA pick up only thanks for looking
  7. My wife and I and are 3 small children will be there, kids won’t eat to much ages are 5yr, 2yr, 1 yr I will also bring some frags for swapping. Thank you
  8. How would I become a member? My family and I would love to hang out and enjoy some good times with fellow reefers
  9. I have a small clip fan blowing across the surface of my tank haven’t seen a spike yet, also no ac at my house if you don’t count a little portable ac (doesn’t do much with this heat anyways)
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