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  1. Bump, price drop $100. Open to trades as well
  2. Does the gyre come with the controller? If so I’m interested, I get paid on July 2nd is the only catch.
  3. *Update* Had some delays getting my new setup running, tank is temporarily off the market. Apologies!
  4. Bump, price drop to $200 or a trade for 2x hydra mounts (or any mounts that work for hydras 🙂).
  5. I’m also interested in the AI prime cash in hand. If your within a 30-40 minute drive of Portland I’d be happy to buy it.
  6. I’m interested in the AI prime, how far from Portland are you?
  7. It has a built in sump in the bank of the tank. It’s one of the nuvo AIO (all in one) tanks and comes with the upgraded return pump.
  8. Hello all, I recently acquired a Red Sea reefer 350 that came with a custom built hood. I have no use for the hood as I don’t have any kids/concerns of anything getting into the tank. It has two slots cut for AI hydra Lights as well as some ventilation in the back/ top .To my understanding it was built by a member in this group who is known for their build quality. I am hoping to trade it for a light rail that holds 2 lights or 2x solo light holders and the oem Red Sea cover that comes with tank (or any other cover). I’d prefer to just trade it to someone who needs it because of child/pet proofing but I’m happy to sell it as well. $300 OBO
  9. They are the ReefBreeders 24in v2+. You can find them on marine depot, I’d try to wait until they have a sale. I got mine for right around $300-350 when they were running a promotion. Only downside is no app, however they do have one in development. Until then it is run off a controller (thankfully has timer built in along with custom scheduling for lighting). I run them at about 40% peak on this shallow tank.
  10. Hello, I’m selling my nuvo 30 gallon AIO with stand (petsmart brand), screen lid, return pump, reactor, 2x wave makers, two led lights for chaeto, mag float cleaner, and a net. I would prefer to sell the setup complete, however will part it out if I don’t have any interest in the setup after around a month. Asking price is 300 OBO.
  11. Thanks! Glad to participate in an auction for a great cause.
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