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Fish from upcoming tank tear down (pre-sale)

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These fish are all tank conditioned and been in my tank for over a year, some I’ve had for 5 3+ years. Eat well, eat frozen, pellets and sone like nori. Non aggressive. And do not bother corals. Tank will be taken down next week so will need to pick up then   Coming from 230 so catching them before will not be possible 

Blue hippo 3”     $45 
2 yellow coris adults   $30 each
Orange fin wrasse  $75 
Adult ear muff wrasse $75
Checkerboard wrasse adult  $50
Blue star adult mostly changed  $75
Ornate leapord     $50
Mystery wrasse     $75
Blue throat fairy wrasse  $50
Labouti  wrasse    $100
African Midas Blenny   $40
3 springeri damsels   $25
1 chromis   Free 
3 six line wrasse   $15 each
2 bangai cardinal adults   $40 pair
2 purple firefish   $20 each
4 cleaner shrimp   $15 each 
3 fire shrimp    $25 each
Harlequin shrimp  $25
File fish $25
Royal gramma $20
will have lots of snails and life rock as well


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48 minutes ago, CodeNameGoldMember said:

Oh dang. Never mind on that one then, sorry. I’ve got an Ornate already. 

Yeah no worries at all  I was struggling for the name and when I saw your post realized that was not it!!  The transitioned blue star is nice and so is earmuff 

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There are a few great fish left still not spoken for  

adult earmuff wrasse

orange fin wrasse

ornate leopard weasse

blue throat fairy wrasse

midas Blenny 

bengai cardinals 

Springeri damsels 

File fish that works!!!! 




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