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  1. Hi everyone! I’m looking to sell my year old RedSea ReefLED90. It’s been working perfectly, only reason I’m selling is I just updated to the 160. I don’t have the original box. I do have a manual for it. It includes the mount. Looking for $220. I’m located in the PDX area.
  2. How much do these guys go for?
  3. Flatworm. Not sure exactly what specific type.
  4. Paddleboarding in Sellwood with PDX in the distance.
  5. My number is 9712175162. I could drop it off tomorrow night or some time on Monday.
  6. No charge. I have a lot of extra splice and the spline roller you can have too. I’ll potentially be free to drop it off Sunday or Monday. I can always leave it with it’s original packaging and leave it on a porch as well.
  7. I literally just seeded my small HOB Aquafuge with their 5280 pack and some chaeto I snagged while at Cuttlefish. It’s insane the amount that are now thriving in that little fuge. Another thing I like about them is they’ve switched to environmentally friendly packaging or at least my package was. (No longer using styrofoam but a cotton alternative)
  8. It’s a 50 Gallon currently. I got the the other Lineatus @Bicyclebill but was wanting one of those Pintails as well. I ended up grabbing the Naoki Wrasse as well while I was there. I have a yellow coris, a blue star leopard, and a melanarus as well. (My melanarus is being a bit of pest to the Naoki, so he’s going to have to end up going) thanks everyone for the responses. It’s always nice knowing people’s first hand experiences.
  9. So after checking, the piece I have left is roughly 37"x41". Just let me know if you still need it.
  10. I recently got a Lineatus Wrasse and was curious if adding a Pintail would be an issue. Any thoughts?
  11. I’m in Portland, I could swing it by tomorrow evening. I’ll check how big the piece is I have at home to make sure there’s enough for what you’re looking for.
  12. Do you still need it? I have some 1/8 BRS, I’ll have to see how much spare I still have though when I get home.
  13. Thank you, I actually go to @CuttleFishandCoral almost weekly. Thank you. I know you can always google stores there but it’s always nice to have someone whose actually been there.
  14. So long story short, my SO is moving to San Francisco for school and I’m setting up a little tank for her when she goes. I was curious if anyone here is familiar with any of the stores there and could recommend some if they have been. Thanks! Michael
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