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Reefing artifacts of the past

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As I sit and stare at my tank, holding a cell phone with all important parameters actively being monitored, I couldn't help but think about all those gadgets and devices that we once used in the past but never see anymore.

I know there are some hobbyists in here that have been active long enough to experience some of these reefing relics of the past. 


One that immediately came to mind (as a young reefer on a strict budget) was the simple skimmer that used a wooden airstone. I could never get that thing to work well.

Another was 'power compact' light fixtures. Dang those bulbs were expensive!


What are others?

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I remember the days of upgrading to MH/VHO's from PC's, and airstone driven skimmers to an AquaC venturi skimmer....Those were the days of low tech, so didn't have much else that was notable save the use of mechanical timers and the upgrade to controllable pumps...

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I started out with under gravel filters back in the mid-80s.  But that was  definitely fish and anenomes only -- no corals.  Talk about coming a long way!!!

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