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Sunburst God Spawn whatever you want to call them 25$ for one.  These guys are small but beautiful! (They have a few other names pm for other name please if you care). 


Hot Shots 15-35$ a Frag. 
Orange Oxides 15$up for Frag. 
I have a few other zoas I forget the names but 10-25$ a Frag.  

Hammer Coral. Light minty color with kinda gold orange hue or so.  I can’t capture the color.   40$ a head. PM for haggling price.


Zoas NFS in pics…didn’t take pics.  I’ll post pics tomorrow afternoon.  






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JF stargazer…The shrooms are what I was showing though. Which is an old pic..pics to come tomorrow afternoon of new frags.  

5 minutes ago, islandVib3s said:

Aren't those daisy cutters? Lol so many names but nice work


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Guys never said the Jap Toadstool was for sell 😂.  If you can wait for it to drop more babies…both babies I have are spoken for PM me if you’d like to be in line for future babies.  Which have only occurred 3 times in the last yr.  

edit: I miss understood clark. (Oops,My Bad!) anyways the god spawns are shrooms. Least I can see people want my show piece 😝

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Hard to get good photos of what’s on the rack.  

King Midas with shroom 25$ 

Green Softy 15$ 

If any questions on what’s on the rack I can try tomorrow and get better pics…today is to nice to mess with the tank now   








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