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  1. Nice used tank recently cleaned and ready for it's new home. Comes with Tank - stand - return pump - cobalt heater - addition circulation pump, drip acclimation tube - aquatop skimmer - spare water change gear - 3 media baskets that fit in the back. It was my moms tank so I'm selling it for her it's in my garage ready to go. Thanks for looking! Message me if interested! Asking $200 for everything I have a ai prime 16 HD led I will sell with it and an auto aqua ATO as well for $200 extra
  2. I would like to but it wont let me upload a video!
  3. Red Sea 750XXL Fun idea, let's see everyone's tanks!
  4. That's what I was going for! Hahaha
  5. Looking to get 20 a head for the toxic bi color splatter hammers and 15 per head for the other bi colors green stem blue tips. I have multiples available and will do a bigger discount the more you want 👍
  6. Want to move some rocks in my tank around this is a pretty good size about 5" around looking for $50
  7. Natedogg

    Gyre xf330

    Great pump in awesome working condition I am looking to sell it because I'm not using it and sold my tank it was in. They go for $299 looking for $160
  8. 14" deep 21"wide and 12" high those are the measurements
  9. Willing to sell or possibly trade for equal value. I paid $250 for this and it's just not what I want I want to re do my scape. Willing to sell for $200 and or trade for reef equipment. Light, skimmer, wave pump, torch corals. 15" deep tank minimum it is a big piece! frag holes drilled into it as well for easy coral placement. Message me if interested!
  10. I have frags for sale $10 a head and multiple heads available shoot me a pm if you want some I'm in north plains right off the highway! Package deals the more you buy 👍
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