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  1. Sounds good I have a bunch of rock πŸ‘
  2. Yes of course and not really a problem to wait until thenπŸ‘
  3. If I decide to part out sure just wanting to keep it all together for someone though πŸ‘
  4. This is a great tank! I have had it for almost 2 years. So much included so I will try and not miss anything.... 228 gallon system! I do have livestock in it that I will sell off. The coral in it can go with the live rock rock purchase. the fish I am most likely keeping unless someone really wants to purchase them separately. I dont want to let them go with the tank sale because most fish die upon transport and setup of a tank and just want them to go to a healthy home. Reason for selling is I have another tank setup and running and would like to just have 1 tank. I would like to make sure all the livestock and rock is sold out of the tank before I tear it down. I will seperate things now and I will mark pending for the people that are going the get the items until I can tear the tank down. Located in north plains oregon Tank stand sump and 25 gallon ato reservoir $2000 (pending) 72" long 26" wide by 24" deep Ai hydra 26 HD lights x4 with the HMS rail $1000 (pending) Reef octopus classic 8" skimmer $240 All the rock in the tank all caves and arches with 2 big custom rocks so much rock I dont even know how much.. $350 Kessil h80 refugium light $75 Auto aqua Ato system $75 Auto doser 4 way with a container with 3 chambers $80 Apex EL with 2 WAV pumps (sold) Maxspect gyre xf280 $180 (pending) Titanium 500 watt heater $ with the tank sale There are a couple small scratches from some frags racks in the tank but not noticed when it is cleaned 2 bigger zen reef frag racks $80 I have some additional reef equipment I'm willing to let go also.. ro resivoir calcium reactor ect.. Looking to get 4k as a package for everything listed and the extras I'm going to throw in πŸ‘. Happy Reefing everyone!
  5. Does not need a deep sand bed just some sand would be beneficial.
  6. Great fish! It is just growing too large for my mixed reef tank and has gotten along pretty great with almost all tank mates. Its about 3.5 inches and I'm just looking for $20 or a frag of Lps Perfectly healthy and I would like it to go to a nice big home
  7. Located in north plains my bad I forgot to put that on there =/
  8. Hi everyone I have a few things just sitting around and would like to get rid of. Red sea reefer rsk600 $240 Jeabo DP-4 doser (2) used all pumps work $25 each Auto aqua Ato kit (1)basically new kit $70 pending Tunze sump white light $50 pending Ro water storage container with socket $40 Calcium reactor $30
  9. Price drop on tank setup want some more room in the garage
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