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2 minutes ago, obrien.david.j said:

The GHL booth at MACNA 2018 had this awesome clutch display of clowns.  Super heavy flow, bubbles flowing.   I've got a great video of it, at 200Meg.  Here's Picts.

I'm a clutch fan as well.





Love it!  With local clown breeders, that dream can become a reality!  MACNA is on that bucket list too :)



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11 minutes ago, Burningbaal said:

How big is the tank? I've been wondering about a little heirem in the 60/80 cube I'm planning.

It's part of a 600 gallon system, but this tank is a 60 gallon cube.  I am keeping them there until they are a little bigger. 

AKA not 'snack sized' for the bigger guys! 😂


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1 hour ago, Pennywise said:

Oh that's awesome. They look like they are doing well. Thank you. It was awesome to meet you and your son. Your corals are settling in nicely as well. Thanks again!

Forgot to get those pellets, but they ate flakes immediately.  So cool the other clown adopted them, truly seems happier having some pals (since non are female! 😂)


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1 hour ago, Reefsakes said:

Nice! Once I set up the 80g system I am make the 30g cube into a new and clown tank for my son. Would love to get a some when the time comes. 

Just let me know when your ready, I have about 20 or so that are about an inch or so right now and another 50 or 60 that are a couple months away from being big enough to sell.

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