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Howdy - I'm new to the forum


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I used to have a salt water aquarium about 10 years ago.   Due to a move, family obligations, work obligations, etc., I never reset up my tank.   I gave away my main tank to a teacher in Albany and I'm afraid that it was above his head on how to take care of it.

I have a ton of equipment that was left over from my aquarium days.   I cannot see that I will set up an aquarium for at least another 3-5 years and I'll just set up a small tank (like 20 gallons) if I start in this hobby again.

What do people do with their old equipment?   I have some nice stuff - like IceCap ballasts, brand new VHO bulbs, BackPak skimmer, Precision Marine HOT1 skimmer, new 100W EboJager heaters, food grade 33 gallon can with a Spectrapure 5 stage RO-DI (no filters), aragonite sand, etc. etc.   I really don't want to sell it on eBay nor on Craigslist.   

I will be keeping a little bit that is better sized for a 16 gallon All-in-One tank I started, but am interested in finding a home for the majority of the stuff.

How does someone find a home for this stuff in the day of Covid?


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We have a pretty active Classifieds section here on the PNWMAS forums.  See http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/forum/99-classified-threads/

We just ask that you list your items including your asking price, and indicate if the items are fully functional or need repair/replacement parts.  Clear photos will definitely get more attention.

Most people either pay cash or PayPal.  Be sure to list your location since our members reach across Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and even Montana.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the link to the classified forums.  I didn't see classified because I didn't go to the bottom of the page.   I'll start to post stuff.

I started a 16 gallon (+4 gallon refugium + sump on the back) tank.   I need to finish the divider wall and stand.   I have the lights done.  It should be pretty cool when done...but that may be years down the road.   I really want to have a small reef tank that is easy to maintain but shows some beautiful corals and small clams.  


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Hi Dave,

What pictures do you want to see?

I looked at the classified section and I need 25 posts before I can post anything there.   I don't think that I can sell things here.   As soon as I have enough posts, this is the sort of stuff I'll be posting:


5 – 2ft VHO bulbs – new

1 – New IceCap 430 Ballast

1 – 2’ lighting fixture with used VHO bulbs and icecap ballast (bulbs have less than 6 months on them)

8 - T12 - VHO sealed end caps

1 – Precision Marine HOT 1 skimmer

1 – CPR backpack skimmer with overflow box, etc.

1 – New 250W EboJager tank heater

1 – Slightly (very slightly) used 250W EboJager tank heater

2 - slightly used 100W Ebo Jager heaters

~33 lbs or fine aragonite sand – used for sand bed (in a sealed bucket – it is clean)

~26 lbs of ~3 mm aragonite sand – used for sand bed an calcium reactor (in a sealed bucket – it is clean)

1 – New Ph reader with new probe (but it may be dried out – I didn’t check)

And a bunch of little stuff like Ph readers (the probes are probably bad), temperature readers, fish nets, air line tubing,  5 gallon buckets, etc. etc.

I also have a food grade safe 33 gallon garbage can with a 5 stage RO-DI unit that I used for mixing my salt water.   I threw out all of the filters and cleaned it all up before putting it away.   This is clean.

As soon as I get 25 posts, I'll start posting these.   I'm going to start to take pics tonight.

Or...are you talking about the All In One tank?   I can probably take pictures of the lighting.   I am going to have to rework the lighting.   I originally bought these X10 modules to turn on/off the lights and moon lights, etc. but that never really worked out.   I think I will have three cords coming out of my ballast box now, one for the moon lights, one for the HQI bulb, and one for the actinic CF's.     It shouldn't be too hard to punch the holes in the ballast box and run the new cables.   Currently, I only have one cable going in.

Please let me know what pics you are interested in.




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I had the wrong weights on the calcium reactor media and fine sand
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Hi Gumby,

I have pics, but I can't post on the classified until I have 25 threads (although I haven't tried).   I need to work up a price on this stuff too.

I posted some really bad (old, low res) pics of my future Nano tank lights on the General forum.  The tank and everything is still packed away.   It would be a bit of a job to bring it all down and then take new pics.   The old pics give you and idea of what the lights and tank will look like.   I still have to put in the divider wall and baffels, etc. in the sump as well as drill the tank for the chillers, etc.



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