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  1. I'm pretty sure it is CaribSea. The pieces are about 4-5 mm in diameter. I used it on my aquarium with very good results. It is very clean and has been sealed since new. Dave
  2. For sale: IceCap 430 Ballast - NIB - $50 IceCap 660 Ballast on 2' VHO home made hood w/ new bulbs - $60 5 - NIB VHO bulbs, 3 - 10K bulbs and 2 Actinic (these are for the hood) - $20 BakPak Skimmer with pump and overflow box - $30 Calcium Reactor Media - 26 lbs - $20 German Water Proof endcaps with IceCap wiring harness - $15 Brute food grade water container - $15 Thanks! Dave
  3. Those are SOOO cool! I wish I had a tank going - these are exactly the type of fish I a would like. Good luck on the sale.
  4. Thanks ReefBox! Looking forward to meeting you.
  5. Question to this group. I have these T12-VHO's and IceCap Ballasts for sale. Are these of any interest to this group or are they too out of date? Please advise. Dave
  6. Sold RO-DI Thank you! Still have Brute Garbage Can. Dave
  7. I have 32 gallon, food grade, mixing plastic can. I would like to have $15 for the mixing can (OBO).
  8. I have five - 5 gallon buckets. I'd like to give them to the people who buy stuff from me, but if you really need one, give me a jingle and you can come over and get one (two, three...). I have 4 lids for them. One of them has my old siphon which I used to clean the sand and for water changes.
  9. I have a NIB Pin Point Ph Monitor and a used Pin Point Ph Monitor. I bought these probably 12 years ago. I never used one of the monitors and the probe is new. The used one was put away properly in a Ph7 fluid. I don't know if either probe is still good. I would like to get $12 for the two (OBO).
  10. I have 8 very good shape T12 German endcaps with clips that allow easy attachment. If you use T12 fluorescents over your tank, you really should have the sealed caps both for reliability of starting and for safety. You really need to get these if you are looking at my IceCap ballasts, the VHO bulbs and the VHO light hood! I'd like to get $25 (OBO) for the lot.
  11. I have a 2' VHO (75 W bulbs) aquarium hood that I built for use over a 20 gallon reef tank. This is an excellent light for these tanks for it puts out a very uniform, linear light source which lights the tank well with little light spill to the room. I have an IceCap 660 ballast driving the bulbs. The IceCap ballast is an excellent electronic ballast that can save significant electricity but operates the bulbs at a much higher light output. I also have the water tight "German" caps which keeps this a very reliable light. I believe that the bulbs haven't have very much use. With th
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