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Cleaned your skimmer neck lately?


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1 minute ago, xxkenny90xx said:

Ya I've seen those, very cool! Does the gunk get pushed up into the cup or does it fall down into the skimmer body? 

The wiper causes the gunk to fall into the skimmer body, but it seems to break up in all the turbulent bubbles and gets pushed back up into the collection cup.

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7 hours ago, obrien.david.j said:

I clean my skimmer neck every time I dump the skimmer.   Which means ~once a week.

I should have known everyone on here would be great about this kind of thing! If I would have posted this on R2R everybody would have been like "we're supposed to clean the skimmer body!?!?!?" 

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Nice!  Nothing like a dirty skimmer neck!

Swabbie for me too!  And maybe once a year clean the swabbie itself as it gets dirty.

My skimmers dump to a 5 gallon bucket. 

This bucket has a solenoid that empties the 5 gallon bucket twice a week into the septic system. 


Yeah... I hate cleaning skimmers 

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