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Frozen food auto feeder


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Interesting, but capacity is too low for me. "7 full cubes" on standard, "14 full cubes" on the XL.    I currently feed my tank 4-6 cubes per day.    Stretching it, each XL unit could feed my tank for 4 days (at less than 4 cubes/day).  I'd love to see one in action, and hear from someone who has used it for a while.

  • You can feed up to 7 full cubes, 12 half cubes or 20 quarter cubes with a single aF4 using our interchangeable carousels.  
  • ***NEW***The aF4 XL allows users to feed double the capacity with a single controller!  Thats 14 full cubes, 24 half cubes or 40 quarter cubes!  The XL also allows users to mount an aF4 Freezer unit on each end of the tank and feed simultaneously to prevent more aggressive or larger fish from hogging all the food!

At the opposite end of the spectrum, I pre-ordered "The Plank" from Avast Marine.  It's more focused on micro feeding, not frozen food size chunks.  


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I remember seeing this a while back. Cool idea but wouldn’t substitute it for manual feeding. I notice when I use a “cube melter” type feeding, my fish tend to be a little more skittish getting the stray food flying out as it melts. When I do my nightly feeding with my frozen melted, it flys all over and everyone gets some. Just observations on my personal tank. Also easier to put the tank into feed mode for this, which I suppose is possible with the 0-10v input.


I do like the Plank feeder to make sure the dry food sinks better. Definitely curious to see them tested by hobbyists!

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16 hours ago, indcreations said:

Hey guys, designer/creator of the aF4 frozen feeder here.  If you've got any questions I'm happy to answer them!  Right now we're alpha testing iteration 13 of the design which we'll know by the end of the week if thats the design we take to beta testing.  We plan to release by the end of 2020.

I like the concept, looking forward to seeing this live!!!  I did gave a couple questions: Are you all planning on doing a second round of funding?  Thoughts on the retail price?  HOW DO U GET ONE?!?!? :).  

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