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  1. 2 tickets to the generator show please:)
  2. So I've been on the hunt for Tropic Marin All for Reef and Pro salt. Seems like there is a shortage everywhere anyone have a beat on why this might be? Did they shutdown due to covid restrictions? Inquiring minds what to know Anyone have suggestions for alternatives as well?
  3. What's the specific brand of cipro folks are using? Anyone find one that's more effective then the other?
  4. So I'm currently experiencing this my euphyllia, of course the ones that have gone down the quickest are also our most expensive ones. Years of health growth gone when I added a simple indo torch. It's so depressing... one by one they've all started to form brown jelly. I've done the water change portion of this and am running my UV non-stop in hopes of killing any bacteria in the water column I'm now down to the last four torches in the tank, I expect the hammers and frogspawn to not be far behind. Would love to try my hand at what you've done here. Thanks for the research, was very very informative... Can I ask what brand of cipro did you use? I was looking at the Thomas Labs version but would like to replicate what you have. https://aqualabaquaria.com/products/fish-flox-ciprofloxacin-antibacterial-medication-thomas-labs
  5. @Emerald525 Great thread! I'm taking many reefing lessons from what happened. I just ordered a WEN 56380i Super Quiet 3800-Watt Portable, seems to be similar to the Champion brand. Now I need to see if the two gas stations down the hill run clear gas. This gentleman pretty much sold it for me: (11) RV GENERATOR WEN 5630i 3800 WATT | The Perfect Generator For Me! - YouTube
  6. Going all in on this sale! Need a coral pic me up!
  7. Buy with confidence! I have one of his Godspawns in my tank “lots of bubbles.
  8. I'm a supporting member!!! (Of this amazing community of reefers:)
  9. I finally got my hands on some @PNWCustom gear! First, off I have to say the owner, operator, and designer of these acrylic tank accessories Mr. Harley Finberg is amazing to work with! Every question I had, design detail I wanted he addressed and walked me through the process. He is quick to respond and his customer service is through the roof, so good, in fact, I kept adding new pieces to my order. PNWCustom will work with you on getting any custom designs, shapes, and sizes you want to be done, all you need to do is ask. STORE | Pnwcustom www.pnw-custom.com First off shipping and packaging: Well packed with lots of protection against the bumps and bruises of shipping. I got a box within a box within a box Next was the swag: I love stickers and I got sent three! Great pieces to add to the collection! Warranty and Care instructions: Top notch! I like that this came with the product, I know you can typically find this info on a website, for me, it was a personal touch that I find is needed in these quarantine times. On to the acrylic pieces! The first thing you'll notice is the quality acrylic, clean edges of the cuts, seals to prevent magnet corrosion. Each piece was designed to I got one of every type of piece made at PNW Custom (except for his magnetic rock structure, probably will get ordered soon). The show frag rack will be going into the QT tank, the clear acrylic will help to monitor for those pesky pests, I have the rack custom-fitted to go into a specific spot in the tank. It's a great addition and will also helps to prevent mushrooms that detach from falling off the rack (an issue I had with egg crates). Mushroom/Anemone boxes: These were the pieces that I was most excited about! The boxes come in two standard sizes; small (4in x 3in x 2.5in) and large (dimensions to come), I'm sure you could ask for a custom size if you wanted though. As mentioned before the quality of the acrylic is tops, you can see the attention to detail in the edges and cuts, the two magnets are sealed well to prevent corrosion. Speaking of the magnets the ones embedded are rated for up to 1/2 glass, you can get stronger magnets if needed, All questions PNW will ask you during the process. For the larger box (where the mushroom magic happens) I was able to get a custom cut for the sides. You can see at the bottom there is a little extra room for substrate and rubble, I've been having an issues with babies floating away so I'm hoping a clear covered box to protect them. The small box is going to be used for my tricky little anemone who is an escape artist the lid is going to be a nice addition to manage it. If you have any review questions about the boxes let me know! All in all happy with the quality and customer service of PNWCustom, I'll be going back for a bigger box and a more custom design in the futureIf you haven't had a chance to check out PNW Custom I highly recommend it! STORE | Pnwcustom www.pnw-custom.com
  10. @MrBret How big is that tank?
  11. Where can I get one of these?
  12. Second that, nice looking piece!
  13. Not only the lagoon tanks but the cabinet design is pretty amazing! Thank you for sharing @MrBret Link if anyone is looking for them: https://neptuniancubeusa.com/
  14. That is a holy grail, I would say the color is par for the course. Indo golds (dragon souls) come in such a variety. I’ve just moved back to calling them what they are Indo gold torches
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