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  1. @MrBret How big is that tank?
  2. Where can I get one of these?
  3. Second that, nice looking piece!
  4. Not only the lagoon tanks but the cabinet design is pretty amazing! Thank you for sharing @MrBret Link if anyone is looking for them: https://neptuniancubeusa.com/
  5. That is a holy grail, I would say the color is par for the course. Indo golds (dragon souls) come in such a variety. I’ve just moved back to calling them what they are Indo gold torches
  6. If you can find them you might be able to snag one for $300-400, HGs seem to be in a little more abundance lately. I would say the bigger brands like ASD, WWC definitely are selling for the $1000+ price tag. When your coral glows in the absence of any other light it should be worth that much lol
  7. Aren’t you doing that right now?
  8. Interested in the mushrooms! How big are they?
  9. @SuncrestReef We got to the solution and that's what matters! Appreciate the help! also your Neptune guides on R2R are awesome! Looking forward to more
  10. Thanks for sharing David! This is a great article... I thinking of using this in my teaching plan for my kids 😉
  11. @danlu_gt I remember seeing this at a frag swap but couldn't remember if the light comes with a mounting bracket. Is that separate?
  12. Thank you all! Best Moderators EVER
  13. I paid for the family membership, I don't reef alone. I'd be swimming in shark infested waters if I hid things from the "Boss" Just to be clear if I can tag this account with two entries into a raffle, noting it as a family membership that would valid? Oi thank you all I feel like the problem child... lol
  14. @ManiniIs my special significant other that funds all our reefing projects @Emerald525 How do I add her?!? Thanks in advance Kim! D
  15. Such a great picture!!! I love that Austin looks like Jeff just dropped a beer in the tank. @Jorge Please don't tell me I have to wait until 11/19/20 for the next live sale!
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