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(2) 225 gallon Reef Tanks with 6" dia. Pipe?


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I'm looking to setup (2) 225 gallon 72" x 30" x 24" reef tanks side by side and I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on this plan. The tanks will be separated by about 10" because of a structural column that would be too expensive to move. I was looking into doing (1) 12' or 10' tank but the cost of the tank is very high and I would have to modify the house to get it in place.


So the next best thing would be to connect (2) tanks with a 6" diameter pipe and bulkheads. My only concern is if large tangs would be willing to swim through a 6" diameter pipe? Anyone else have any experience connecting (2) tanks in this manner?



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Looking at my options


Well i'm looking into both glass and acrylic. I have two estimates back so far.


Miracles Aquariums with starfire glass on the front panel estimate is $5000.

I talked to them about a 8" diameter hole in the side panel of the tank and they said they would drill the hole in the side panels and then temper the side panels to make sure they were structurally sound.


Cal Aquaria estimate is $6685 for the two tanks, in acrylic.


I also have the option of going with one 10' tank or a 12' tank.


Cal Aquaria also gave me estimates on those tanks and they are $5685 for the 10' tank and $6555 for the 12' tank.


The 10' and 12' tank would have a notch in the front to go around a structural column in my house. See picture of tank location. The tv unit that is in the picture isn't actually there, it's just there from when we moving in. If you can't tell but there is a column behind the tv unit.


Also see picture of current tank which is a TruVu 96" long x 24" wide x 20" deep tank which will have to be tore down before new tanks are placed. The picture was taken when it was first setup, it's not a recent picture. I don't have a current pic of my tank on my work computer but i'll post one when I get home.


The problem with the 10' or 12' tank is getting the tank in place. I'm going to have to cut wood studs and drywall just to get the tank in place. That's another reason i'm looking at doing 2 tanks, that and I thought it might be less expensive.


I'm waiting on a few more estimates. I'm thinking that the estimate from Envision Acrylics(in Portland) is going to be the most affordable since i won't have to pay for shipping, but we'll see.


The 6" diamter bulkheads are $300 a piece and of course I need 2 of them so I have to add that into the cost of the setup too.



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Sounds cool. I'd ask James if he could just glue the tanks together on the spot if you were to do 2. Just connect the 2 large diameter holes with clear acrylic tubes.

If you had a corner wall, you could do them in a V and use an elbow to connect. If you didn't connect the 2, you could have an agressive reef and a non.

If you pull the connection off, I'd always feed the fish right above the connection so you have them trained to feed close to that built in fish trap:D

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first, Ive got a 4 inch sch 80 bulkhead id sell ya for $40.00 if you wanted to go a little smaller.

Although this idea would be cool looking, for 5grand id bet you could have James build you a monster tank and be able to pay someone to remove and reinstall a window to get the tank in.

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also, is that room in a basement? how do you know for sure its a load berring beam and not just some old closets with the doors removed?


If it is a load berring wall why couldent you center a 10 foot tank in the hole and move the support to eather side of the tank so whare there was one now theres two? You add the two side posts then remove the center one.

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Another idea, if these are what you're wanting :) How about putting the tank in front of the beam and enclose the closet/alcove into a sump/frag room? All kinds of room for the best equipment in there. Also, I would suggest we have a club meeting at your house when the tank is in. If you need help installing, I'd be willing to help, just ask.

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Lots of work to move post!


I've looked into moving the post. I'm a structural engineer and i've looked into moving the post to the edges of a 10' tank centered on that space. The problem with doing all of that is I would also have cost in renovating the house on top of the tank itself so it's not really an option. James(Envision) gave me an estimate on the (2) 225 gallon tanks and it's looking like it's more affordable to go with the (2) tanks rather than (1) 10' tank.


I also like the idea of going with two tanks cause it allows me to setup the tanks differently but the pipe connecting them gives the fish additional space.


reef165, thanks for the offer of the 4" bulkhead but I really want to go with a 6" diameter bulkhead cause i'm worried anything smaller would stop the larger tangs from being able to go through.


The other reason for putting the tank up against the wall in the recessed area is because my laundry/utlitity room is behind that wall and that room has plenty of space for my sump and other equipement.


I've attached another picture of the space. Kind of the same pic as before but a little better.


Ronjunior, i appreciate the offer for the help. I may take you up on that help since I will be taking down my 200 gallon tank and setting up these tanks all at the same time. It will be quite the undertaking and i'll need all the help I can get.


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Have you looked into/priced having a custom tank made that would go around the beam? You would have to remove and replace it and do so again when you move, but it would be pretty cool to have a tank that is notched so that it goes behind the beam. I bet James would have no trouble making it also.

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Laundry Room


Thanks for the warning/advice on putting the sump in the laundry room Michael7979.


The room is quite large so the washer and dryer are on the other side of the room so it shouldn't be a problem unless someone dumps something in there on purpose.


I have looked into getting a 10' or 12' tank that was notched around the column and it's alot more than the (2) 225 gallon tanks. Actually the prices i posted in an earlier post were for the notched tanks.


Actually James said he didn't feel comfortable making a tank with a notch in it and he recommended some other companies that were out of state and shipping makes it too expensive.


Ocboat, also thanks for the offer. I'll make sure to let you know when this project gets going.

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All Glass Aquarium


I contacted All Glass and the largest hole they can drill is a 3" diameter hole.


Buying (2) 180 gallon All Glass tanks with the 8" diameter hole would be the most affordable but since I can't get the hole that I need it doesn't work. Got to go the custom route.


Looks like i'll have plenty of local help when I need it, thanks everyone. That's why i'm so glad i found this site.

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  • 2 weeks later...

After the holidays!


I actually started planning this project before I knew what I would be getting for my year end bonus, you know the way I'm paying for most of these 2 tanks. I had an idea of how much I would be getting, just wanted to have the check in my hands before I put my order in with James for the 2 tanks.


Since i'll be out of town for about 2 weeks visiting family the project will start sometime in January.

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