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  1. only took about a year but finally sold!
  2. I'm not even sure where i got this from but i think it came with some powerheads i bought off RC years ago. I see it's still available for sale online so it still might be a useful product. I'm asking $35 for it or trade for a coral. LPS or SPS
  3. did Mark have a mighty magnet or something else?
  4. agree, mighty magnets is the way to go. great product.
  5. thanks for the tip but i did know that and planned on doing that. I was going to ask what do you know about migrating from Apex classic to the new Apex?
  6. black display setup sold. grey display unit will also come with used PH, ORP and Salinity probes. No guarantee they are good but they currently give good readings. price drop to $150 or make an offer or will consider trading for corals, LPS or SPS.
  7. this is a XS170 per the person i bought it from on reef2reef a few years ago. i did some searching online but couldn't find much on this model of skimmer. i used it on an 80 gallon QT setup and it was more than enough. I found some information on the XS200 version online and that was rated for a 200 gallon tank so this is obviously rated for a smaller tank. my guess is it would be fine for something up to 120 gallons. i'll admit the pump and air intake noise combined is loud compared to other skimmers i've had.
  8. (2) Apex Classics for sale, both work properly just upgrading to a new Apex. I had (2) of these cause I had two different systems but recently consolidated both systems into one. Black display with head unit and temp probe, asking $125. Gray display with head unit, PM2 module and temp probe, asking $175. No EB8s included cause i'm keeping them to use them with the new Apex.
  9. 6" diameter body, 23 1/2" tall with cup but it's 29" tall with automatic neck cleaner. has a Sicce PSK 1000 pump. I had this on a QT setup but am no longer QTing fish. asking $125
  10. i have a single Blue Jaw Tilefish. I don't have a good picture but it looks just like the one on liveaquaria. Tried 2 others at different times so i would have a pair but the others jumped out thru light crate. I was really surprised since they barely fit thru the light crate dried up. they are considered moderate care but the fish i got were good eaters in QT. the one i have is a great fish, not aggressive and it eats everything.
  11. i added one of these to a basement window near the tank a few months ago and like how quiet and controllable it is. It will move a ton of air on the higher settings. max fan speed setting i use it on is 3 which seems to be more than adequate.
  12. i've also done the muriatic acid bath and was really happy how the rock turned out. rock seemed to get more porous after the bath. be careful!
  13. (2) Tunze 6095 nanostream powerheads in good working condition, asking $100 each or $175 for the pair. only selling cause i went with a smaller tank and got smaller pumps. These are the older style pumps with the jumper/fuses which are included. Specifications For aquariums from 26-264 gallons Controllable* flow rate: 528-2510 GPH Energy consumption: 5 to 21W Voltage / frequency: 100-240V / 50-60Hz Cable length: 3 meters Diameter: 2.7” Output diameter 1.96/.39” Holds up to: 1/2" thick glass
  14. (2) pair of Kessil A Series Mounting Arms, asking $50 for each pair or $75 for both pairs. i bought a pair of ap700 used and these came with the lights. i hang the lights from the floor above and don't need these mounts. The Kessil Mounting Arm is a rigid arm that allows your Kessil light to be suspended over your tank by clamping onto the aquariums rim. The mounting arm has an adjustment for height, as well as distance making it a perfect mounting solution for any Kessil light. With its integrated cord channel, there is no more need for plastic zip ties to manage the cables because they wil
  15. i started using the pro series 3 part di resin from BRS so i'm not going to use this. $25 for all (3). I could use it for the 3rd stage but it will be a while cause my di resin lasts a long time. just worried about it sitting around too long even though it's sealed. i'm not even sure how long i've had it.
  16. still have this and am not using it. how about $150?
  17. Slighty used Reefdoser Evo4. It's a 4-channel doser with a wired remote which is very simple to program. Used for about 6 months. i've had this for a few years but haven't used it much. Switched over to a calcium reactor. asking $50.
  18. 60" long x 30" wide x 24" tall sounds like great dimensions to me.. i believe that's about 180 gallons. if i had to do it again i'd change out the standard 180 i have for something wider with external overflows. i miss a 32" wide tank. don't go over 24" tall IMO. Also, your tall so a tall stand to put the tank at a good viewing height would be nice too.
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