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New Build Phase 1: Stand

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I've mentioned it to a few of y'all, but I got a new tank in the works. Custom sump and tank are still a couple weeks away, but I got the stand today. So I figured I may as well show that thing off.


Stand was built by forum member Scott (@Spectra). He did an amazing job on it. It's 2" rolled steel. Welds and seams look immaculate. I went with a 40 inch height because I like to make life hard on myself as I reach around inside the tank [emoji3][emoji3]


Seriously though, I really like the taller appearance and it'll make the tank sit at a better height for viewing. Stand is 97" x 37" (tank is 96x36 not including trim).


Tank will be 24" tall for a total of 360 gallons. It is being built by Custom Aquariums out of Wisconsin. Shout out to Jeff at CNC for helping see that order through.


Sump is being built by Crystal Reef Aquatics. It will be 60 x 22 x 16 for max capacity of 85 gallons. Probably operate with a third of that, of course.


I will create a thread for the tank and sump once they arrive, but for now here's some stand pictures. d14cd94b43b9f289ad1916651994d645.jpg2c9abe52b567bd59a78b60a90b91121a.jpg15f5eed1fb6cf427a4111cc2469b91d7.jpgf190223a7532cde6b046454d2d63d9fa.jpg


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My sump is across the living room in a closet so I don't think I'll be enclosing the stand. I'm going to maintain the open style. In fact, I have extra laminate that matches my floor and I'm going to place a board on the bottom of the stand and then place laminate over that. That way it will match seamlessly with the house flooring. The only thing seen under tank will be 4 drains and a return line that all go into the floor.

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Stand is looking awesome bud! Looking forward to the build. Dream tank material for sure. 
Thanks Jeff! I'll have to have you harass CA if we don't hear anything by the end of next week [emoji16]
Nice work Scott [mention=13132]spectra[/mention]!  Now maybe you have some time for light hangers [emoji3]
Like the idea of the open stand and higher sitting tank - preferable to tall stands myself despite being height challenged.
Haha. I remember you mentioning those at our last meeting. I'll look forward to seeing them!
When the stand for a project makes you salivate and want one for yourself, you know the build is going to be something special. Also, the open concept is brilliant. Looking forward to this build thread, f'sho!
Thanks Sid, appreciate the comments!
That stand looks like the work of Spectra! I’m sure this has been a long thought out project. 
Epic build for sure !:clap:
"Long thought out," yes. "Well thought out?" Still yet to be determined. [emoji38]

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Glad you like it!


On 6/2/2019 at 8:19 AM, CrabbyCrabs said:

That stand is slick. What thickness tube was used? Is it powder coated? Tig welded? 

Its all 2x2x.120 tubing except for the bottom its all 1x2 so he can put some ply and wood to bring it all flush.......powder coated yes and welding was just done with wire. Tig welding on the ends would take some serious filler rod.........

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Still waiting on tank and sump.... Ugh!

I cut down the laminate for the bottom of the stand. Since I'm doing a remote sump, I'm leaving the steel stand exposed. All you'll see under the tank will be 5 pipes.

The laminate on the stand bottom is the same as my house. I've left it unfinished intentionally because once the stand is in place I'll line up the seams of the stand laminate with the seams of the living room laminate. Once everything is lined up, I'll add the final strips on the outside.

Sump and tank should be shipping any day now..... Hopefully.


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