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  1. Now, that's pretty brilliant. Irresistible bait. 🍻 /cheers
  2. I can tell you from experience that you may be better off having one built for a temperate system with 1" thick panels. Otherwise, for about half the year, the condensation will make the display difficult to see, make your chiller work much harder and result in a lot of water weeping from the tank onto the floor. James Steele at Envision Acrylics is a skilled craftsman and a great guy. He builds jelly kreisels and other kinds of exhibits for public aquariums and his tanks are very nice. Consider calling this fellow up and getting a quote and good luck with the system!
  3. IntoTheMystic

    PVC leaks

    On the rare occasion when have to weld ABS to PVC, I'm always nervous about leaks like this. Got burned by a persistent leak very similar to this when I was an AQS student. Eventually replumbed the whole loop and chalked it up as a lesson learned. Your solution is pure genius: Physics for the win!
  4. As you've likely learned, you want to be very careful about the size of foods you feed 'nems of any kind. If it is too large to be digested quickly, the ammonia generated by the decomposing bolus will sicken and could kill the animal. It can also weaken the animal's immune system and result in a bacterial infection. To be fair, I've also seen this in 'nems that are not fed overly large chunks of food but make a good living on much smaller pieces of wet protein that we feed our fishes. Sometimes, they just get droopy for a couple-three days and then begin taking on water and become lush and turgid again. If you think you've overfed an anemone, its posture starts to sag, the oral disc become dilated and you think there's decomposing food stuck inside the animal, you can also gently flush the digestive cavity with a pipette or syringe. You have to be very careful, however, as a jet of water could injure the delicate digestive tissue. Great news that this critter is turning around!
  5. Occurred to me just now: You may want to check your NH3, as well. And the endoscope ideas for diagnostic tools are spot-on.
  6. Missing anything in the tank? Puffer, large snail, slim fish like a yellow tang stuck sideways, etc.? Something is probably lodged in the outflow. Sorry to hear about the nasty surprise and the mess.
  7. Don't be embarrassed in the least. You were focusing on other aspects of this Tx regimen. If you saw reduced counts of the NH3 oxidizing genera and no effect on the NO2 genera then that pretty much addresses my question. Sure do appreciate the scientific approach you bring to these discussions.
  8. EMeyer, I'm curious if the Cipro Tx regimen affected the performance of the biofilter? That's a really low concentration but I wonder if it resulted in any noticeable difference in your NH3 and NO3 values in the short-term?
  9. I'm a skosh concerned about the biosecurity of this approach to water quality management but dang, are these pictures keepers. Beautiful daughter, very sexy reactor. Best of luck getting this new component dialed in quickly and easily. But keep a watchful eye for stray Cheerios and the occasional teeth marks on your valve handles.
  10. Hey Folks! My colleague Larry Boles asked me to reach out to this community to see if anyone would like a Snowflake Moray. I'm just the liaison so if you have questions about this beautiful animal, please reach out to Larry via the email address below: Looking for a home for a Snowflake eel, Echidna nebulosa, approximately 20 inches in length. This eel has been in our collection at the Aquarium Science Program in Newport, OR for almost 3 years after adoption from a local family. We have another snowflake in our facility so we need to rehome this one to make room for other animals. It will need a 75-100 gallon aquarium with a tight fitting lid to prevent escape. Please do the research to see if this animal is compatible with your collection. They are predators, small fish and crustaceans are not good tank mates. The eel currently eats a diet of shrimp, clam, and silversides and is stick fed. We will include the hollow rock ornament that has been the eel’s home for many years. I do not want to ship this animal but would consider driving a reasonable distance to meet someone. To discuss details please email LarryBoles@oregoncoast.edu Larry Boles Aquarium Science Program Oregon Coast Community College
  11. This hobby occasionally humbles us all. While reading your documentation of this event, what occurred to me again and again was: The courage it takes to share what could have been (and may yet be, but hopefully not) a catastrophic decision. Your willingness to share it so that we all may learn from it. The support you're receiving from this remarkable community. I sincerely hope that you and your system and animals make it through this situation unscathed. And cheers to that! 🍻
  12. I've seen this happen to exhibits under the care of professionals. Bacterial infections spread like wildfire unless you start pulling affected colonies and fragging the diseased portions and sometimes, that's only a temporary reprieve. Also inclined to agree with Higher Thinking about the nutrient levels. Start looking at other potential stressors: new fish or inverts, lighting adjustments, stray voltage (usually a heater or powerhead,) etc. Do you have a sterilizer on this system? Really sorry to hear about this, Sun. It's heartbreaking. And the heartbreak is compounded when you can't put your finger on why it's happening.
  13. Holy expletive. I am continually impressed with the ambition, ingenuity and, there's no other way to say it, boundless love of the craft that many of you guys have. This is an extraordinary display tank. Aside from weight management, which I have to believe you have overbuilt for peace of mind, my only concern would be turnover rate in the system for water quality management. But I reckon you've already worked that out, as well. Like the others, I'm really looking forward to posts on this system's further development. Such is the stuff from which fish and invert geeks' dreams are woven....pros, too!
  14. Invertebrate porn at its finest. Simply. Beautiful.
  15. Hey folks! A colleague in another part of the HMSC campus reached out to me recently about the liquidation of 150 pounds of aragonite. She's looking to give it away and I'd like to see it go to the TfT program. Now may not be the most opportune time for Tanks for Teachers (or much else beyond hanging on best we can and simply trying to maintain) but I was thinking that this could be useful further on down the road when we get on the other side of this wretched pandemic. 🍻 If anyone affiliated with TfT would like to come pick this substrate up in the fairly near future, I could get in touch with the donor and set this in motion. This would be an all-or-nothing deal, as she's motivated to find this a new home. If this is useful to TfT or could be used for the benefit of PNWMAS, please let me know. Hang in there and stay safe, everybody!
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