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  1. Hey folks! A colleague in another part of the HMSC campus reached out to me recently about the liquidation of 150 pounds of aragonite. She's looking to give it away and I'd like to see it go to the TfT program. Now may not be the most opportune time for Tanks for Teachers (or much else beyond hanging on best we can and simply trying to maintain) but I was thinking that this could be useful further on down the road when we get on the other side of this wretched pandemic. 🍻 If anyone affiliated with TfT would like to come pick this substrate up in the fairly near future, I could get i
  2. Funny thread, though, and great images! /props
  3. That thing is dead sexy. Props to you and the system it's being added to. Double 55's? That's a lot of genetic disruption. Salut! 🍻
  4. Then it's quite possible that the die was cast on this critter before it became part of your collection. Could have been contusions from careless capture attempts at the LFS (or somewhere else in the chain of custody) or some type of scare that caused the critter to blindly bolt into something unforgiving long before it arrived at your place. [language filter]. It was a pretty fish. Sorry to hear that it's gone.
  5. When it comes to quarantine protocols, this pretty much sums it up: Until, of course, 30-60 days later after careful observation.... I really don't know what to make of these blotches we're seeing on this critter. I recommend that you continue to isolate and observe it, experiment with different foods until it eats something besides 'pods with any regularity (PE Mysis is pretty much my silver bullet for such things), reduce stress and stressors any way you can and please keep us posted on its condition. Also, please listen to Mr. Grey here. When it comes to aq
  6. Hey guys, Without working this animal up myself, I'm very loath to offer any diagnosis or advice. Can't really tell what's going on in those images. Is this animal eating? Any recent changes in behavior? If so, what are the changes? How long ago did you notice the white spot? Just one spot or multifocal? Are these spots only on the surface or do they appear to have depth? Any new additions to the animal collection or aggressive behaviors toward this critter? Very pretty fishy. The answers to these questions may shed a bit more light.
  7. In my experience, keeping your cultures fed is definitely the hardest part of rearing Berghia. O'Brien's absolutely right. If you're doing it right, you run out of food for them much faster than you think you will. If I was going to do it again, I'd start out with a dedicated Aiptasia broodstock tank and feed it lavishly months in advance of getting the nudibranchs. Then, I'd leave the massive sequoia 'nems alone and let them kick out all the planula they wanted, as well as going after the middleweight 'nems with pedal laceration. Some guys use a toothbrush for maximum regenerative spread.
  8. Hey folks, It's been a mighty long time since I posted in this forum but given that my traditional June meeting hosting is off, I thought I'd pass along some thoughts and stir this sucker from dormancy. As we all know, the business of taking care of our critters doesn't stop despite what might be happening in the world outside. Despite how quickly we become inured to The New Normal, wandering the corridors of Hatfield Marine Science Center is still a bit surreal. The only people onsite are the husbandry team and the facilities guys. All the students and academic types are long gone and ha
  9. /preaches to the choir. This here is Reason #123119 to do as much business with local merchants as possible. The privileges of a regular. And the acumen of a smart business owner. It's a beautiful thing..... Happy New Year!
  10. That is a beauty. I'll wager you've done this already but aggressively inspect the scutes near the mantle and byssus for pyramid snails and prosecute any that you find with malice aforethought. Really nice score!
  11. I should have added a plumbing diagram to my post. Well done, Suncrestreef! I plumb mine on a loop off the return line also.
  12. Fin slap to DorryPets for the Ich/Crypt life cycle diagram. When space allows, I always plumb a sterilizer onto FW and marine systems. The initial expense is not cheap if you buy a good one, and there's little point in not buying a good one, but over time, it becomes a very affordable and practical type of insurance against health problems. This is especially true if you don't quarantine animals before adding them to your tank. Controlling the contact time (or dwell time) that the system water is irradiated by the lamp is easily done with valves. If the water is traveling thro
  13. This is absolutely consistent with my experience. On many mornings, I'll observe our exhibit GPO (Giant Pacific Octopus) adjusting her chromatophores like that, complete with eyes moving in sockets and movement on the distal ends of her arms. Seen it with other GPOs, as well. They mask their color, then they flush just as they do just before moving in on a crab, they chase, they pounce and they envenomate. I've worked with almost thirty of these critters and given how intelligent they are, there's little doubt in my mind that these animals dream. I often also notice the change in respirat
  14. salt of the earth noun An individual or group considered as representative of the best or noblest elements of society. That pretty much sums it up. Happy Birthday, Bert.
  15. When my tropical marine exhibits were up and running, I used natural seawater from Yaquina Bay that had been passed through sand filters. I held it in a mobile heated reservoir that I schlepped out to the Visitor's Center and back again. As this was from the Bay, I kept an eye on salinity and pH, which fluctuated somewhat predictably on a seasonal basis. I had no problems using heated seawater but if I was collecting from the coast, I would be very careful about how close I was to any sewage outflows or rivers and streams near aging sewage infrastructure. Out here, there are regular updat
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