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Fragging Mushrooms

Manny Tavan

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I would get him off the rock first then frag him. Use your nail, gentle yet firm pressure. Be patient!! As soon as you get a lip up your golden, keep rubbing it up off the rock.

Now fragging.. look and remember where the mouth is. Now take a SHARP blade that is sterilized and cut him in half through the mouth. Then cut each half in half.

Rinse them off, some people do a little iodine dip, then place each one in a Dixie cup with rubble in it. Or place them all in a bowl with rubble.

Place in low flow... they will attach and heal.

I would really like a frag of this. I could help frag if you want.

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I have fragged hundreds of mushroom corals, if you can't just pop them off with the edge of your finger nails then I use a small flat head screw driver to carefully chisel around and under them, it's fast and not as slimy and works great without hurting them. Great on the ones that are more difficult to just peel off. Just look where their foot is first then chisel around and under the foot and they pop right off. A lot of times they come off with a small piece of rock still attached to their foot so it's easy to glue elsewhere or to a frag plug. If you've never tried it you should! It won't be nearly as slimy as some of the other methods I've tried. I've tried all the other methods this one by far works the best in my experience, I had an explosion of them in my old 55 and was constantly researching and trying different things but when I discovered this method I've never looked back. Live rock is soft so it's easy, on harder rock I use a chisel or flat head screw driver as a chisel with a hammer and it works great too, this method is nice because you tend to get a little more rock attached that way. I do it with a simple small flat head with bta's (must know for bta's since they tend to bury their feet deep into rocks), palys and zoas too. Fragging cut in half or fourths with sharp preferably new razor blade, I've even used sharp scissors with success, cut through the mouth so a piece of the mouth is on all pieces. When you're cutting do not saw back and forth, cut once if possible. They seem to attach much faster (some same day) when they still have a piece of foot attached. I just give mine a quick rinse then put in lower flow area to attach to rubble, I have small plastic baskets I use to help keep them from blowing around and disappearing. I put rock rubble in the basket and they'll attach usually within a day to a week or so. I've literally done hundreds of mushrooms this way now, all kinds. By the way I'd love to buy one of yours!


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11 hours ago, Manny Tavan said:

18 months ago I put a jawbreaker mushroom in my tank. Now the rock is covered. How would to go about getting some of them off the rock? Is taking the rock out and breaking up some of it the only way? The ricordias are also growing pretty well



I'd be interested in some to!


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If the entire rock can come out easily, then I would take it out and go to work on the rock....if it is a base piece, first, slap yourself for putting a super high end mushroom on a piece of base rock, then start slicing:) hahaha. I have busted up a number live rocks over the years getting cool mushrooms off....base and non base rocks:)



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